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Who Rules the Roost?

She calls the shots.  Baby time. Eat.  Sleep. Cry. Diaper changes. Wardrobe changes throughout the day.  Sleep deprivation for parents. Glancing out the windows at the bird feeder suspended by a chain and wrapped around the pine branch, we have … Continue reading

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Festive February

As luck would have it, snow and ice returned. The big visit is interspersed with snags. Vacuum cleaner parts needed replacements. Check engine light further altered plans. The birds are happy enjoying the replenished bird feeder.  They vie with one … Continue reading

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Life’s Textures

Pondering the water’s mystery, a boardwalk beckons us to meander and reflect on life’s mysteries. Springlike temperatures called us to be outdoors. Remnants of Valentine hearts remain.  Nursery school children, crayons in hand, followed the teacher as they started a … Continue reading

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May I Have This Dance?

The in-between struggle is here.  Not quite spring and still winter.  Throw in a very-hot- day of 75 °F and then you are let down once more. Mother Nature has a bag full of tricks. Look up the weather forecast … Continue reading

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Blustery Winds Howl!

Blustery winds emit long plaintive cries during the night as snow swirls across the landscape.  Mother Nature boasts her strength once again.  Chilly arctic air. The critters have scurried for shelter. Left behind a bevy of tracks in the sn0w. … Continue reading

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Close Your Eyes; Make a Wish!

When we married in Virginia this day many moons ago, it was mild and overcast.  Intermittent rain.  Several years later in another state, we have snow.  How did the thirty-eight years pass so quickly? Two wonderful angels later, we sit … Continue reading

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Why We Ask Ourselves?

Snow blankets the earth on this February day. With a heavy heart, we drove to church to attend a funeral for a young man and to sing in the choir.   Fleeting moments of the sun attempting to warm our … Continue reading

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I Love the Four Seasons

                            Woke up to snow and cold winds this morning. On our journey to a wedding in West Virginia. I love the four seasons in Upstate New … Continue reading

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Snow, Snow, Snow

  Where are my Boots? On my feet I glibly replied to my husband. I continued to clean off the car and push snow down the driveway. Lifting is no longer an option. Predictions for this storm were twenty to … Continue reading

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The Beauty of December

  Nature’s Sense of Humor Softly, quietly, gently falling snowflakes clothe the earth in beauty. Catching them in our gloved hands to gaze at their shapes is part of the fun. Kids lean their heads back with open mouths to … Continue reading

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