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A Letter of Gratitude to a Stranger

Tasked with writing a letter expressing gratitude to someone who changed their lives but whom they never thanked, my students had a project for Thanksgiving to write the letter of gratitude and to surprise the person they were thanking by … Continue reading

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Consider This!

  What are you grateful for today? I am grateful for love, family, faith and friends. I am grateful for health and food on the table. How do you show others your thankfulness? I show a smile, a touch, kind … Continue reading

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The Art of Compromise

Real or artificial? Quite unexpectedly my husband and I looked at artificial Christmas trees with lights already on the branches. Three pieces to assemble. Unexpectedly? We had gone to replace an old coffee maker. After almost 40 years of asking, … Continue reading

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Will I Ever Be Ready For It?

Will I ever be ready for it? With or without me, time marches on. Will I ever be ready for it? Autumn’s afterglow gone. Will I ever be ready for it? It has arrived before the official start. Will I … Continue reading

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Wait! I’m not Ready!

  Hurling and swirling everything in its path, the North Winds howl all night long. Colorful leaves haphazardly strewn about. A sight to behold. Batten down the refuse cans! Flowers lean down against the wind’s onslaught. Try as the cold … Continue reading

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