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If Enthusiasm Could Be Bottled!

A school administrator after observing me teach in German, remarked that she wished enthusiasm could be bottled. This trait came naturally in my classes. I had a passion and joy for my students and subject matter.  My glass remains half … Continue reading

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Festive February

As luck would have it, snow and ice returned. The big visit is interspersed with snags. Vacuum cleaner parts needed replacements. Check engine light further altered plans. The birds are happy enjoying the replenished bird feeder.  They vie with one … Continue reading

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Short and Sweet Haiku

Happy Mother’s Day! To all mothers far and near. Sweet hugs and blessings!

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Until Next Time: Auf Wiedersehen!

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Acceptance and coming to terms with your lot in life is key to moving forward while remaining positive. My glass continues to be half full. The German expression auf Wiedersehen (until next time) … Continue reading

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Friend at Church

  It seems the pace of life has quickened and the calendar is full with events, rehearsals and appointments. Today’s post is a blitz poem which is a 50-line poem of short phrases and images and a few rules.  It feels … Continue reading

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Wir Lieben Deutsch!

Blessed with the best profession in the world as a German teacher, I bid my students goodbye as they embark on life’s adventures. It is my custom with the seniors to offer them a handshake or a hug as they … Continue reading

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