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Massachusetts-born Poet: Katharine Lee Bates

Today is Flag Day so as I hung our American flag from the front porch, I started to sing America the Beautiful and began to research the back story of the beautiful piece of music. Katharine Lee Bates was head … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

In heaven now, I still recall my parents with fondness and love. Both great role models, it seems I sound just like them today! Incredible how advice and words roll off my tongue. This happens in most families I imagine. … Continue reading

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Come Stroll Through our Gardens!

  A few years back when the children were young, I opened my breakfast pink grapefruit to find a surprise awaiting: a large seed inside had burst open and begun to grow. It begged to be planted. Thus began a … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Parallel Parking

How did my parents manage with just one car in the early days of their marriage? It was the norm. Mothers stayed at home with children. Shopping for groceries must have been challenging. My mother did not have a driving … Continue reading

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Music in the Operating Room

My music preference leans towards classical. This past week as I was readied for surgery, a nurse asked me where I sang. In my church and with other local groups. With the Syracuse Chorale and the Berkshire Choral International this … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Both my mother and grandmother have birthdays in May so thoughts turn to them. Mother’s Day also falls in May so I daydreamed about past shared times and phoned a friend on quick impulse. She was under the weather so … Continue reading

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Call Times and Concerts

Martin Palmeri’s Misa A Buenos Aires Misatango for Mezzo-Soprano, Mixed Choir, Bandoneon, Piano and String Orchestra arrived months ago. Purchased the score; highlighted my soprano parts. Rehearsed hours daily with a few CDs until the music was in my head. … Continue reading

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