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Hi, Guys!

 What kept you?  I’ve been waiting and watching.  Ever on the lookout. So glad you returned home.  Let me sing to you of my happiness. Let me call for the others and tell them you have returned. Thank you for … Continue reading

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Memories of Penmanship

Our first-grade teacher watched us practice cursive letters using an exceptionally long thick pencil.  We drew swirls until our small hands became accustomed to holding the pencil as we wrote hesitant letters.  Serious faces. Sit up straight.  Hold the pencil … Continue reading

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Bells Resound!

Each Sunday morning the pealing bells resonated through the village. Time for church.  They beckoned in full deep resonant tones.  My Dad recalled the church bells of his youth and the old gray stone Church.  Clocks chimed every quarter hour. … Continue reading

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First Grade Field Trip in Germany

Giddy first graders donned boots and jackets to go outdoors after the snowfall to discover and document those footprints left behind by the rabbits, squirrels, and deer. They documented in carefully written journals those wonderful discoveries. Bright-eyed and happy in … Continue reading

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Blustery Winds Howl!

Blustery winds emit long plaintive cries during the night as snow swirls across the landscape.  Mother Nature boasts her strength once again.  Chilly arctic air. The critters have scurried for shelter. Left behind a bevy of tracks in the sn0w. … Continue reading

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Close Your Eyes; Make a Wish!

When we married in Virginia this day many moons ago, it was mild and overcast.  Intermittent rain.  Several years later in another state, we have snow.  How did the thirty-eight years pass so quickly? Two wonderful angels later, we sit … Continue reading

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Odiferous Encounter

A good brisk walk has multiple benefits. I let my mind wander and all sorts of thoughts enter.  Does anyone else think in “poetry?”  Words, odds and ends? So, it was one morning before work that I had my encounter … Continue reading

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Your Turn!

While many folks play board games when the family comes together for a visit, we modify our Scrabble games a bit in the way we keep scores. We list players with initials, and also add the date, time, weather, and … Continue reading

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Last of the Golden Beets

Family visited at Christmas time. We harvested collards and golden beets from our garden to accompany the main dish.  How satisfying to enjoy our garden’s bounty.  As we welcome the New Year 2021 with temperatures in the 30s, we look … Continue reading

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Stables Available

Beautiful Christmas Eve service with my husband singing O Holy Night and then both of us singing Stille Nacht in German. Merry Christmas/Fröhliche Weihnachten!

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