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Pondering Perseverance!

Did you ever wonder how you came to be the person you are? Here’s part of my story which begins with my parents and our family. Through thick and thin and seemingly insurmountable odds, my parents remained steadfast.  Through a … Continue reading

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Nurture Imagination!

Recalling my younger, formative years as a child in rural Western Massachusetts, I remember roaming the woods behind our house and searching for checkerberries or salamanders. My sisters and I spent hours outdoors playing our imaginary games such as making … Continue reading

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Ruffled Feathers

This is the story of the wren and the sparrow. There is a delightful end to the story.  Let’s find out! First, the sparrow used the small house for her family. Along came another sparrow who wanted the same house. … Continue reading

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Double Header

Today’s double header:  a birthday and Mother’s Day. My mother is no longer with us.  Join me down memory lane!   I recall looking through her high school yearbook as a teen. I thought she was the prettiest girl in class.  … Continue reading

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Come What May

Memories of our daughter’s poetry from elementary school.  Emily Catherine later went on to become an English major, an RN and a NP with her own infant daughter.  Enjoy her way with words and images portrayed.  Happy month of May! … Continue reading

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A Tad Weary

An intermittent alarm emitted from the detector. At 3:21 AM!  Not ready to wake up, I attempted to ignore the sound.  That didn’t work either! Maybe my husband, the early riser, will find out! Again and again, my attempts were … Continue reading

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Nature’s Tempo – a Hemidemisemiquaver

For me, music terms express feelings about spring and nature’s growth.  The soft hues of greens, yellows, and pinks appear almost overnight.  Just a few days of warmth and bulbs spring forth from the ground and open. A suite has … Continue reading

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Light Entertainment

Heavy trucks rumbled through the neighborhood sending sound waves underground.  Lo and behold, an odd sight greeted me as I passed the rhododendron. Our eyes met!  The resident garden snake. Only the head and upper body protruded from the hole … Continue reading

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Thought I’d Drop By!

Dropping by to say hello. May the hope and joy of the Easter season remain with you The whole year through!

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Backyard Diptych Mysteries

Mystery 1 A spry young squirrel clambered up the stairs to the neighbor’s deck. Try as I might, it scurried out of sight.  I wondered if it exited? Or did it find a hideout under the tarp covering the chairs? … Continue reading

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