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My Talking Trees

When I peruse my garden flowers, bushes, and trees, it is almost as if we communicate with one another.  So much beauty to behold in nature.  Therapy.  As if on cue, I spy a new color and hear the rustle … Continue reading

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Do You Keep a Journal?

Who journals in cursive penmanship? The teacher in me smiles when I notice a young person who writes in cursive script. The day our pen pal letters arrived from Germany, was revealing in my German classes. Many students remarked that … Continue reading

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Far From the Hullabaloo

Stop the feud!  Time to get along! The English sparrows have sparred for days over whose bird house is theirs.  A big fat sparrow clung to a stick which came from inside the house.  He tried to lay claim. The … Continue reading

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It was a glorious day and perfect weather this Memorial Day.  What great walking weather too.  I donned my walking shoes and began walking on Old Sag Harbor Road.  Normally, the area is peaceful, and today was no different. (Or … Continue reading

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Singing for funerals is part of my music ministry. It may sound morbid, but it comforts the bereaved. As long as I focus on the music and avoid eye contact, I am fine.  This music ministry began when I was … Continue reading

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With a buoyant sensation, I peruse the gardens. Newly planted herbs offer inspiration for dinner. Recalling past blog comments, small epiphanies hit. A salad topped with flowers?  Basil or parsley? Turning inward to avoid distractions, I realize I am hyper-focused … Continue reading

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A Bushel and a Peck

Taking a walk down memory lane today. Music. I am reminded of watching my mother do a few dance steps in our kitchen when a particular song came on the radio.  She taught me some of the Charleston when Dixieland … Continue reading

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Short and Sweet Haiku

Happy Mother’s Day! To all mothers far and near. Sweet hugs and blessings!

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Hither and Yon

Friends and neighbors delight me. They are scattered hither and yon. My discourse with a blogger friend, Anne Mehrling continued with her mention of a beautiful cherry blossom tree near her driveway.  She sent photos. The delicate pink shade was … Continue reading

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Did You Hear That?

Nothing wrong with my hearing, my husband says. Recently I asked if he heard the high-pitched sound. He didn’t.  What did it sound like?  Like glasses in the cupboard hitting one another.  Then he went upstairs to change clothes and … Continue reading

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