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Ears That Hear!

Deep roar of engine motors and squeaks of brakes. Shouts, banging and clamor of refuse cans against the back of the garbage truck signifies Mondays. What neighborhood noises do you notice? Delivery trucks have distinctive motor noises. Then listen to … Continue reading

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Seven Place Settings

My research for today’s blog evoked memories of where we met and married.  We blinked.  Fast forward to more memories in another state. Funny how life happens.  Two beautiful children who later married.  Our family grew to six place settings … Continue reading

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Falling rain with a soft patter as I fell asleep magically turned to falling snow and frozen silence today.  My artist’s eye invited me to take photos of snow-covered branches as we drove north for car repairs.  The branches look … Continue reading

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A Bear-y New Year

Pardon me while I slip into my new role as Grandmother.  When I ran errands today, some decorations remained from the holidays. I just couldn’t resist the colors and bears. Running through my head were stories beginning with Once Upon … Continue reading

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From Parents to Grandparents

In the blink of an eye, we welcomed our grandchild and officially started a new journey as grandparents.  Awesome! Honored to be in the delivery room! Isabella Rose entered our world and lives with a hearty newborn cry. In an … Continue reading

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The Glitter Years

Elementary school might be better called the glitter school years.    I was reminded of those memorable years last weekend in conversation with another adult after choir.  As I gazed at the adult’s face, I saw the sparkle of gold glitter. … Continue reading

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Shivering on Our Beach Plum Tree

Three plump doves sat shivering on a branch of our beach plum tree this morning.  They cooperated for our photo-op as I carefully opened the window so as not to scare them. The wind chill was in the twenties.  Hardy. … Continue reading

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Speaking of Blinking

To whom do you express thanks?  Family and friends. Do you recall a special teacher you had in school? I am grateful for Mom and Dad and my grandparents. It turns out that our first teachers are our parents. Do … Continue reading

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Ode to Peace and Prosperity

With gratitude I honor the five brothers who served faithfully that we might enjoy peace and prosperity. Boundless dedication. Thank you:  John, Henry, Joseph, Albert, Stanley!  All Veterans of WWII.  You loved your country. You sacrificed and served with valor. … Continue reading

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Preparations Are Underway

Everywhere we look, there are preparations. Trees, flowers, and shrubs have made way for dormancy.  Leaves have fallen.  Bare branches. Still some warm days to balance cooler nights. Last week I observed a rotund squirrel with a mouthful of large … Continue reading

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