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What Makes a Man Remarkable?

The adventures we have shared together never cease to amaze me.  I love what we have been through, where we are right now, and everything we have to look forward to.   What makes a man remarkable?  It’s his character, and … Continue reading

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Speaking of Libraries

  Many moons ago my Dad drove me to college, kissed me and said he would see me again at Christmas.  We lived about two and one half hours south.  By comparison, I have heard other parents speak of bringing … Continue reading

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Life is Grand!

Memories of past years flash through my head. Families bring us happiness and joy.  Over the years, I have traveled to many countries both here and abroad.  Music, languages, friends, family, and Mother Nature entertain.  Awe at the creatures like … Continue reading

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Glad Tidings of Great Joy!

Overnight a quick clipper system dropped a soft, white blanket to cover the earth. Our three Swiss Stone Pine Trees stand: Melchior, Casper, Balthazar.  Snow-covered.   The lines of Christmas songs and hymns swirl in my head today as I … Continue reading

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Celebrating You!

How do I begin?  Where do I start? Bittersweet moments of my own retirement flash before me.  Two letters in the mail this week reported on retirements of two individuals who have been an integral part of our lives and … Continue reading

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What a Miracle!

With a newly minted Registered Nurse degree in 1937, my mother  donned a crisp white uniform, nursing cap, stockings. A navy-blue wool cape was worn on house calls as a public health nurse.  She worked until she married in 1941.  … Continue reading

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Festivities in the Village

People came from near and far. We had missed that small town feeling.  They hurried to the village square to view the festivities of the tree lighting.  Firetrucks galore, some antique, some big, some small.  Each with unique sirens and … Continue reading

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Our Playhouse in Sturbridge

When our Dad built the Sturbridge, Massachusetts home, he thought of everything for his young daughters:  our very own playhouse complete with a door and window. We felt special since the door was tall enough for our parents to enter.  … Continue reading

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Annual Rites of Passage

Colorful autumn leaves offer us eye candy now. Sugar maple trees are warm and beautiful.  Childhood memories of many-hued leaves our Dad raked into piles in Sturbridge.  Shrieking, we jumped into the leaf piles.  It’s what kids do! As I … Continue reading

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Shadows and Spooks

Neighborhoods are decorated for Halloween. Some people add orange lights on trees. White spooks hang from branches.  Pumpkins galore on walkways.  Stuffed figures.  Squirrels sense the extra tasty morsels to be had. After cleaning up after pumpkin seeds from the … Continue reading

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