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Social Graces

During my years in Germany, I learned about the social graces expected of me. I am speaking of the skills used to interact politely in social situations which include manners, etiquette, deportment, fashion and refinement. Basically, I discovered that being … Continue reading

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German Bread

  German Bread It’s a cultural thing. Anyone who has traveled to or lived in Germany knows German bread to be the best. Every time I return to the U.S. after a stay in Germany, I mourn the loss of … Continue reading

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The Appointed Hour

We have lost so many loved family and friends during the last six months that I dedicate this ode to their memories. Through our tears, thoughts and prayers, we know they are now in a better, much happier place. Their … Continue reading

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Life flows, cascades, and splashes, on. Roars, then slows and becomes quiet. Endless blue, cloudless skies, watch the waters below and quench our thirst. Above now, spindly swaying branches and leaves , fast-moving clouds emerge and portend an impending storm. … Continue reading

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