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This and That

Life is good; life is wonderful.  New neighbors are moving in.  A new puppy is trying its walking legs.  All wobbly, floppy. Here and there when it walks.  Circled around my legs and licked my hand this morning.  Conversations of … Continue reading

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A Fortuitous Chain of Events!

Who knew that our trusty old lawnmower would bite the dust this past week? Who knew that the mower would break down with only half the lawn done?  Who knew that the man with the three small rescue dogs would … Continue reading

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Garden Happenings

There is a never-ending weed growth in our gardens.  I wait until after one of our heavy thunderstorms.  Grabbing a fistful of the myriad weeds, I am able to pull up roots and all.  No, I don’t fool myself by … Continue reading

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Looking Up to the Sky

Gazing in the distance, I recall happy memories and allow my creative spirit to enter. Facing the sky now, the clouds form shapes and the child in me finds objects. Little children enjoy the game Of naming the shapes they … Continue reading

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Neighbors Helping Neighbors

After a severe wind burst this past week, my beloved empire apple tree split in two. Friends in the neighborhood saw a spiral cloud formation prior to a thunderstorm. Our work was cut out for us after part of the … Continue reading

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