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Noise Pollution

Ever notice how doctors’ waiting rooms have changed? It used to be that several magazines were available to peruse. First, I noticed the selections had changed. More offerings to “educate” patients.  Secondly, I noticed that wall monitors had been installed.  … Continue reading

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The Unsolved Sock Mystery

Some mysteries appear easier to solve than others. Take the case of the missing sock in the laundry. Was the washing machine hungry?  The reason of last resort! You could have sworn you put in two matching socks.  Ah, Sherlock, … Continue reading

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An Invigorating Walk!

During our recent heat wave of 6°C/44°F, a walk down by the lake beckoned. Sun was shining. I was not alone with this idea.  Parts of the road had been plowed.  Parking lot full of cars. Walkers were out and … Continue reading

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Grandpa’s Medical Bag

My father was an old-school medical doctor on Long Island, New York for approximately forty years until 1981 when he passed away. To say the least, the practice of medicine was far different than today. Among the “tools of the … Continue reading

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