If Enthusiasm Could Be Bottled!


A school administrator after observing me

teach in German, remarked that she

wished enthusiasm could be bottled.

This trait came naturally in my classes.


I had a passion and joy for my students

and subject matter.  My glass remains

half full.  Watching eyes light up when

they understood what I had just said


was a wonderful teaching moment. 

Our whirlwind family visit came to

an end much too soon. From far and

wide, our family came together for


our granddaughter’s Baptism and

less importantly Grandma’s birthday.

Our daughter managed to be the

winner in our Scrabble game.  How


did she manage 95 points on the

first play?  Well, she was an English

major.  We take our game very

seriously and intently.  In between


feedings, and diaper changes, our

granddaughter slept long enough

to allow for the game.  What is said

about grandchildren being wonderful


is true.  They get to go home with their

parents afterwards.  Stepping out

for an ice cream, our daughter and

son-in-law left us in charge.  Trying to


settle the baby took ingenuity.  My

husband had some tricks up his sleeve

as he remembered the vacuum cleaner.

White noise. Clean rug.  She fell asleep.


I closed my eyes for a few moments. 

Our daughter and husband knew what

we had done when she saw the vacuum

cleaner.  We are exhausted and hear


that she wants to visit again.  Easter?

Maybe by then, we will have caught up

on sleep.  We hope.  So, bottle enthusiasm,

love, and hope!  And lots of hugs!


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8 Responses to If Enthusiasm Could Be Bottled!

  1. Thanks for this post showing your marvelous family. Bet you’d like that bundle of joy back right now. oxox

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  2. R N says:

    Must have been a wonderful visit for all!

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  3. cindy knoke says:

    Congratulations & Happy Birthday!

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  4. Darlene says:

    What a wonderful visit for your birthday! The best gift ever. xo

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