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A Tribute to a Teacher

Difficult as it is to recall the names of teachers, Mrs. Hughes was my ninth grade English teacher. In her class, I discerned that I wanted to be a teacher. From her I learned kindness and compassion. From her I … Continue reading

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

Our weather has been a mixed bag this growing season.  Abundant sun.  Heavy rain showers.  Not our normal fare.  But who knows what is normal with the weather?  Now we need to find recipes to prepare the tomatoes. Lots of … Continue reading

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Beauty Before Comfort?

Sighing at some of my clothing and shoes, my mother’s mantra was always comfort before beauty.  What teen or young woman wants to heed that advice?  Not I when I was young. Did I learn my lesson during my student … Continue reading

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Your Preference?

When it comes to greeting cards and notes, what do you prefer?  Handwritten in cursive? An eCard, a blank card or one with verses inside?   Personalize or simply write your name? For me, it depends upon the occasion and the … Continue reading

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