Wir Lieben Deutsch!


Blessed with the best profession in the world as a German teacher, I bid my students goodbye as they embark on life’s adventures. It is my custom with the seniors to offer them a handshake or a hug as they leave me. This year, everyone selected the hug. Then we took several selfies and photos as memories of the past year or in the case of one of my students, the past four years because I have taught her since 9th grade.

They clamored to have me post their pictures, so I will devote this week’s entry to them. There is hope in the eyes and smiles on their faces as they plan for this summer and next year in college for my seniors. We savored our last moments together as a class. Then the bittersweet time arrived for the hug and a few words wishing them well, and they were on their way. I will miss them all. Teaching is a demanding but very rewarding profession. Now it is time for them to make their own memories.



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2 Responses to Wir Lieben Deutsch!

  1. Barbara Glittenberg says:

    Many happy faces. Have a great summer and good luck for what is ahead of you.

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