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Festive February

As luck would have it, snow and ice returned. The big visit is interspersed with snags. Vacuum cleaner parts needed replacements. Check engine light further altered plans. The birds are happy enjoying the replenished bird feeder.  They vie with one … Continue reading

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Life’s Textures

Pondering the water’s mystery, a boardwalk beckons us to meander and reflect on life’s mysteries. Springlike temperatures called us to be outdoors. Remnants of Valentine hearts remain.  Nursery school children, crayons in hand, followed the teacher as they started a … Continue reading

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Passing the Torch

Passing the torch: one generation to another. My, how times have changed as I glance at our family photo albums!  What has not changed is the love we feel for one another. Hair and clothing styles are different.   With the … Continue reading

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Challenging the Brain

Dubbed a philologist during one Fulbright Year of teaching in Germany, the term stuck with me. Learning foreign languages fascinated me and was facile.  Words were fun. One of our favorite family board games became Scrabble.  It is a tradition … Continue reading

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