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Late Autumn is here

About this time of year in most US states, people are enjoying state fairs.  New York’s state fair is held in Syracuse.  I love to go to the 4-H building to see the various displays and projects from fresh garden … Continue reading

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Things to do

As late summer is upon us, I feel the rush to do everything including all the things I have put off for so long: Clean out the closet – best done on a rainy day Donate items to charity Set … Continue reading

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What is important?

Three things are important to me and were growing up in Massachusetts and in Colorado. Family-we had the luxury of a stay at home mom which I believe made all the difference in growing up.  We did not have babysitters … Continue reading

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Three things different between German and U.S. schools

-shorter classes Students in Germany have 45 minute classes which are shorter than our 80 minute block schedule classes in my Upstate New York school district.  The schedule for high school students in Germany permits 14-17 class periods per week … Continue reading

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A Different Pace of Life

During the two weeks I spent in Germany visiting friends, colleagues and our “second” family, I taught classes in three different schools:  a German Gymnasium, a German Realschule,  and a German elementary school. Children in small towns and villages in Germany enjoy the … Continue reading

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