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A Bushel and a Peck

Taking a walk down memory lane today. Music. I am reminded of watching my mother do a few dance steps in our kitchen when a particular song came on the radio.  She taught me some of the Charleston when Dixieland … Continue reading

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A Precious Gift

From my parents I received a special gift in Massachusetts and later in Colorado: piano lessons.  Expectations were to to practice one hour of daily. Our parents knew that music would last a lifetime and be food for the soul. … Continue reading

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Friend at Church

  It seems the pace of life has quickened and the calendar is full with events, rehearsals and appointments. Today’s post is a blitz poem which is a 50-line poem of short phrases and images and a few rules.  It feels … Continue reading

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My First Job

Besides babysitting, taking care of neighbor’s lawns, mail and newspapers when they were on vacation which I began at 11 years of age, I started my first job as a church organist in Pueblo, Colorado when I was 13 years … Continue reading

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The Power of Music

Musical notes, beats, rests, keys, sharps, flats, major, minor, staff, treble clef, bass clef, rhythms, voices, moods, time signatures, adagio, allegro, forte, chant, chamber, carols, classical, dynamics, fermata, leitmotifs, sonata, staff, concerto, tones, voices – all this and more characterize … Continue reading

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