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A Precious Gift

From my parents I received a special gift in Massachusetts and later in Colorado: piano lessons.  Expectations were to to practice one hour of daily. Our parents knew that music would last a lifetime and be food for the soul. … Continue reading

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Let’s Fan Out, Fellas!

  Look at the grub in the neighbor’s yard! Let’s fan out and investigate! Cracked corn! Yummy! Strutting about with fanned tail feathers, Tom turkey replies:  look at me! Let’s go! The hens heed the gobbling.  With a great fanfare … Continue reading

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A Sight to Behold!

During the winter we are mainly housebound. Naturally, the first warm day which was only above freezing but sunny, the lake park beckoned us for a walk.  My husband’s voice declared in utter amazement that he had never seen such … Continue reading

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Winter, Spring, or Winter?

Winds howl.  Buds appear. Snow on the ground. Eternal struggle ensues. Winter, spring, or winter? Stunning skies entertain. Vivid pinks and purples. Mail carrier squishes on wet lawns.  Leftover snow piles up next to road and walkways. Under the raised … Continue reading

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