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Dashed Hopes and Miracles

The long-awaited nurse’s cap and graduation brochure from my mother’s 1937 registered nurses’ graduation had finally arrived. But wait!  The size was odd. Perhaps my sister had downsized and included an electric keyboard without telling me? What had my sister … Continue reading

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Caterpillars, Climbing Trees, Children

Who knew our daughter would miss her childhood memories of climbing that birch tree? Neighborhood friends used to join in collecting the caterpillars from the tree. It was not a particularly tall nor difficult one to climb. There were comfortable … Continue reading

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Fierce Winds Blow

Tuckets heralded the long-awaited arrival. Birds chirped and flitted from branch to branch. Spring, however, had to bow once more to Old Man North Wind. What did I spy this morning? The tree. The tree brought back to life some … Continue reading

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Frozen Silence Frost this morning covers the ground, hides my tears. No longer hear his shoes on the hardwood floors after work. Life at a standstill. Trying to recall him on the piano keys. Gone some time now. Too cold … Continue reading

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