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No Two Moments the Same!

As new parents, we were often told not to blink because before you know it the kids are grown and in college.  The more we blinked, the more this became reality.  No two moments are the same in the zinnia … Continue reading

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Scavenge and Forage

Every August the rabbits hop over at dusk and make haste to seek apples under our apple trees. They forage for remnants the bushy tails randomly discard as they hurry off. This year is no different.  Before mowing, our task … Continue reading

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Sea Buckthorn and Hagebutte

Taking our cue from a fellow traveler in Finland, we tasted a shot of sea buckthorn juice.  First, the waiter cautioned the juice might be tart or sour. It was.  It was also delicious! We drank this daily in Helsinki … Continue reading

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Boat or Bikini?

August holds a special place for me, especially August 1st. Yes, it is summer, but for many of my childhood and teen years, it was when my family would leave for vacation in the Southampton Shores community on eastern Long … Continue reading

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