Friend at Church


It seems the pace of life has quickened and the calendar is full with events, rehearsals and appointments. Today’s post is a blitz poem which is a 50-line poem of short phrases and images and a few rules.  It feels like my life currently.  Some neighborhood children built a couple snowmen in our yard.  These sentinels bring me much joy as I gaze at the front lawn still snow-covered.


Friend at Church


build a snowman

build a friend

friend and neighbor

friend forever

forever trustworthy

forever and always

always listens

always helps

helps with homework

helps cook

cook dinner

cook soup

soup with vegetables

soup for the family

family of four

family love

love and smiles

love and hugs

hugs for Mom

hugs for Dad

Dad reads

Dad plays

plays with me

plays games

games of soccer

games and sings

sings silly songs

sings a lullaby

lullaby by Brahms

lullaby at bedtime

bedtime comes early

bedtime when tired

tired of chores

tired of practice

practice multiplication

practice piano

piano lessons

piano in a blizzard

blizzard and winds

blizzard and snow

snow to play outside

snow is white

white and cold

white and black

black dress

black suit

suit for church

suit for choir




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10 Responses to Friend at Church

  1. I loved your chaining of words. Super!

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    • Anne, look up Blitz Poem with the “rules.” Try your hand and see where it goes. It’s an interesting form which I use sometimes. Thank you for such a nice comment too. It is much appreciated.

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      • I last wrote poetry in college and haven’t looked back. It would be a challenge to try a Blitz Poem. Thanks for suggesting it.

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      • I have numbered pages in a spiral notebook or double-spaced pages on the computer to keep track of line numbers. That’s the “hardest” part for me. The rest is easy. Just let the words flow and remember to repeat last words on the next line. Until towards the end. If you don’t like the rules, just put the words down quickly and see what happens.

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  2. I loved the way you chained the words in the poem.

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  3. There is something special about friends from church. Nice mixture of images, poem and words!

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  4. bernard25 says:

    Coucou du matin ou du soir MARYANNE

    Regardant L’heure
    J’ai traversé toute la ville

    pour aller à la boulangerie chercher des croissants

    Et les partager avec toi avec un petit café

    Et sur tes joues te dire bonjour ou bonsoir
    mon Amie (i) si précieux
    A la fraîcheur du matin
    J’ai entendu le chant des oiseaux

    J’ai vu le soleil qui se lever
    je t’envoie un grand bonjour plus chaud que le soleil ,
    plus clair que la lune, plus beau que le jour

    A la fraicheur de la nuit je me suis dis que tu étais encore la ALORS

    Qu’il fais bon te dire et te souhaiter une bonne journée ou soirée

    gros bisous.


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