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What’s Out Your Window?

Oh dear, oh my! Look out the window! A visitor I spy! Tricks to my eye? Oh dear, oh my! It’s just too funny! We have company! Out the window -ho, ho! Oh dear, oh my! The dogs skitter at … Continue reading

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Nana’s Player Piano

Let’s go to Nana’s and play her piano I said to my two year old sister in diapers and baby fat. Down the hill to Main Street in Monson where the hitching posts from a bygone era stood at attention. … Continue reading

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Foiled Again! Forsooth!

Try as I may; try as I might, I simply can’t seem to win the fight. Tasty morsels for the birds hang in a fancy house, me to harangue. Modus operandi: outsmart up the pole, my course to chart; grab … Continue reading

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Caelestis (Latin for heavenly, divine)

Would that I could find the name for the newest family member. Could I name this beauty? Would it in all likelihood encompass the elegance and fragrance so good? You’d think it an easy task. That would be a falsehood. … Continue reading

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On Being Vintage

The year has changed to 2020. Where does time fly? I blinked and our little children are now young adults living elsewhere. In the aging process, I note that the frequency of doctor appointments increases. I am handed printouts or … Continue reading

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