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Waiting and Watching

As I observed the green shoots which pushed up amidst the snow and Fall’s leaf remnants, I waited and watched. While elsewhere around the globe bursts of yellow are apparent, it is not the case here in my garden. Watching … Continue reading

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Liebster Award

Earlier this month, my talented friend and fellow WordPress blogger nominated me for the Liebster Award. Annika Perry is a gifted writer, and I urge my readers to visit her site: I think you will enjoy her entries and … Continue reading

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Quality of Life

Some people fear retirement years with trepidation. They worry about what they will do when they no longer have to get up and go to work. My own retirement happened six months ago, and now I am beginning to understand … Continue reading

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The Time-Traveling Married Couple

Using some sort of time-traveling device, people have long been fascinated with the idea of traveling in time to another era .  I confess to a love of historical dramas and period pieces such as the PBS series Downton Abbey. … Continue reading

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