May I Have This Dance?


The in-between struggle is here.  Not quite

spring and still winter.  Throw in a very-hot-

day of 75 °F and then you are let down once more.

Mother Nature has a bag full of tricks.


Look up the weather forecast to see what

clothes to wear; otherwise, a rude awakening

awaits.  At our end of the pond, it is best

to layer clothing.  Wind chills abound in


these parts.  When I was still teaching, I

was frequently asked what I thought

the weather might be.  As soon as the

snows began, students would ask if we


were going home early.  I had to remind

them that in some parts of the world,

there was no such thing as a snow day.

I still recall speaking with one of my


sisters who lived in Alaska for a few

years.  She bemoaned the fact that her

children had to go to school when she

thought it should have been a snow day.


Why?  Well, it was a -44 °F and schools

were not closed until the temperature

was -45 °F.  The Alaskans plugged car

and truck batteries in overnight.  Imagine!


Going outside to the mailbox, I perused

our gardens.  Bulbs are pushing up already.

I hope they are hardy because

we are slated for a major snow event.


Don your dance shoes and join us

for the snowflake dance.  Music for

the event performed by our fine

feathered friends.  See you there!


Note:  Robin photo courtesy of RJN.

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23 Responses to May I Have This Dance?

  1. RJN says:

    May I have this dance?

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  2. Emily says:

    Very nice blog, Mom! Love Dad’s comment as well xoxo love you

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  3. I enjoyed your words and the photos. I would look forward to snow, but I’d be disappointed. Neighbor Logan said our forecast was for six inches. His personal rule is to divide a forecast by three, so he predicts two inches. We will see by Sunday morning, or afternoon, or evening. My personal rule of evaluating a forecast is to delay the onset by at least one day.

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  4. Love “The Snowflake Dance”… Robins and bulbs popping up–definitely time to dance! ❤ It will be quite a while before we see the green. Have a lovely weekend, Mary Ann! xo

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    • Bette, thank you for such an enjoyable comment. You have also seen the snowflake dance in your neck of the woods. I shall glance out the window tomorrow to see if there is any green in sight. It may be silent, white covered and beautiful. Be well and enjoy your weekend. oxox ❤

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  5. Maryanne, you may be interested in my new address…

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