Snow, Snow, Snow



Where are my Boots?

On my feet I glibly replied to my husband.
I continued to clean off the
car and push snow down the
driveway. Lifting is no longer
an option. Predictions for
this storm were twenty to
thirty inches of snow in our
area. We are shrouded in white.
I measured under twenty inches.

For us, spring is simply a
calendar date. Others around
the world boast of the flowers
in bloom. Last glimpse  of our
daffodils, they were about four inches
above ground. When this melts,
I’ll note their progress. The sun
is intense today. The snow is rapidly
melting like in Colorado after snow storms.

Determined to stay ahead of the
amount of snow I had to clean off
the car and down the driveway,
I donned boots, gloves and coat
hood to brave single digit temperatures
and winds whipping at my face. Good
thing I only stayed outdoors for about
ten minutes each time. Though retired, I
still watch school closings,  recalling when I

relished those presents called snow
days. Over the course of thirty something
years in Upstate New York, my husband
never had a snow day until this week.
I received a phone call announcing the County
was closing.  The State government too.
My husband was pleasantly surprised.
Stores closed early – a snow day for all.
My children charged me with the task

of taking photos of our snow to display
in this week’s blog.  My husband’s boots
are too large but come up higher allowing
me to take the photos. The yard is
too pretty to put footprints in the snow
so I leave it to enjoy from the inside out.
It has occurred to me that I might be
able to build a snowman. Maybe.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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33 Responses to Snow, Snow, Snow

  1. Brrrrrrrrr. Hello from sunny Florida although it is a bit chilly here today 72F and breezy. No pool today. Happy St. Patrick’s Day. ♣♣♣

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  2. Whoa!!! That’s A LOT of snow! And it’s so beautiful, at least from here where we seldom get even an inch. I can’t imagine getting that much of it. 🙂 ❤

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  3. bernard25 says:

    Bonjour ou bonsoir quelle neige

    ICI CHEZ MOI l’arrivée du printemps

    Le beau temps nous est promis

    Le soleil se rapproche

    Chaque jour un peu plus

    Là on se sent mieux , le moral reviens

    Certains vont jardiner

    Les arbres et les fleurs vont fleurirent

    (lilas , tulipes ,muscaris ect…)

    Nous allons respirer le bon air

    Sentir ce beau parfum de printemps

    Entendre le chant des oiseaux et voir les premières hirondelles

    Belle journée ou soirée

    Bisous Bernard

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  4. Annika Perry says:

    Wow, that is SNOW!! I love your photographs, Mary Ann and can’t help but feel a joy. Where snow is concerned I’m still a big kid and yeah, a snowman is a must! Did you build one? Were the roads even open? Do the daffodils have a chance of surviving that cold and weight of snow? I like how even teachers are happy over snow days – here I thought it was just the pupils! Hope you’re all keeping safe and warm…here the warmish weather continues and daffodils galore adorn gardens, roadsides and parks – simply beautiful.

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    • Every day I try to find the daffodils under the snow. It was melting but it is cold and windy today. I have fun doing the photos for the blog. Roads were opened but secondary roads were not plowed. I plan ahead to remain at home and enjoy looking out all the windows. It’s too bad we don’t live closer to one another and can meet at the local coffee shop for a coffee, tea, juice or some pastries. Sitting and talking with friends is so comforting. 🙂

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      • Annika Perry says:

        That would be wonderful – just to meet up in a cafe and chat. 😀Distance eh! Sigh…

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      • Well, next time you are stateside, let me know. I haven’t been to the UK since my university days in Heidelberg. Perhaps a trip to London and vicinity is in order to enjoy a cup of British tea. That would be so much fun to chat about our writing! ^__^

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      • Annika Perry says:

        That would be great! There is a lovely cafe in the town nearby called the ‘Little Book Cafe’ with an idyllic courtyard garden (under cover) with flowers and bookshelves and I’ve sat outside there even during the winter wrapped in blankets and heaters on! You’re so welcome!😀

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      • Now this sounds inviting. Little Book Café. Somehow the Europeans know how to create inviting spaces and outdoor green areas. I have long wanted to create such a space, but the piece of land I want is prime and expensive. Sigh. I can dream. But we have a lovely Starbucks nearby, and there are walks along the inner harbor area which are also inviting. Benches along the way too. Shall we try to find time to do this? A woman after my heart who will sit outdoors even in winter. ^__^

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    • I can’t stop sharing our wind chill and air temperatures when people write that it is spring and very warm. The wind chill is -2°F (-19°C) Blowing Snow and Breezy. Air temperature is 16F or -9C. I’ll bundle up as I venture forth. Enjoy your daffodils.

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      • Annika Perry says:

        Oh that is just too cold! It looks so pretty but that is freezing. I won’t complain about the ‘cold’ rainy weather anymore!

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      • I love hearing about the weather elsewhere around the world. Yesterday the sparrows were busy in the birdhouse hanging in the tree outside our backyard. Today they are all remaining indoors as well. The Norwegian saying I like is that there is no such thing as bad weather – just bad clothing. So today I will bundle up with many layers of wool as I venture forth. If it’s any consolation, we will also have rainy weather over the weekend. ^__^

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  5. Bun Karyudo says:

    It’s always tragic when snow interferes with our daily plans. I remember how heartbroken I was as a child when heavy snow meant I had to stay home and watch TV instead of studying math. Still, I managed to cope with the grief somehow.

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    • If you had heavy snow as a child, it should have meant building snowmen outdoors. You and your dry humor! While I loved math, I loved snow days more! During thunderstorms when we were indoors, we used the newspaper to cut out paper dolls and make clothes for them. It was an activity suggested by our mother. ^__^

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  6. Great photos, Mary Ann. Reminds me of St. Patty’s Day here in Maine this year. Oh, those SNOW DAYS! Love ’em, but it’s time to leave ’em. 🙂

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