Who Rules the Roost?


She calls the shots.  Baby time.

Eat.  Sleep. Cry. Diaper changes.

Wardrobe changes throughout

the day.  Sleep deprivation for parents.


Glancing out the windows at the bird

feeder suspended by a chain and

wrapped around the pine branch, we

have had a few breaches recently.


We wondered how the feeder lay

on the ground or in the snow. My

husband patiently put the feeder back.

Ah, I saw the culprit:  Mr. Bushy Tail!


How dare it!  I observed as

it scampered out the limb; then

upside down to the bird feeder where

it positioned perfectly for the feast.


The thief!  My husband reassured me

he has filled the feeder with hot

seeds which supposedly deter the

bushy tails!  Supposedly!  The birds


returned.  The ongoing dance at the feeder.

We returned to our indoor theater:

a living room full of baby items. Our

star of the program is now awake.


We take turns holding her when she

needs us.  Waiting on the front

step was a package and a BIG

surprise inside:  a beautiful locket


in the shape of a heart and complete

with a photo of our angel.  It was a

well kept secret!  Beautiful.  So

thoughtful. A thousand thanks.


Must run. Our little one has awakened.

She rules the roost!  She melts hearts

with her smile and glances.  Life is

grand!  Indoors and outdoors!


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10 Responses to Who Rules the Roost?

  1. Emily says:

    Precious little angel Isabella! She has really been enjoying her visit at grandma and grandpa’s! Xoxo

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  2. She is the center of attention for a wonderful circle of people.

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  3. R N says:

    A beautiful write-up about a beautiful angel along with the four-legged thief!

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  4. Darlene says:

    She is so sweet sitting there surrounded by books! You look so happy holding her too. xo

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    • Darlene, thank you for your astute insight. Much appreciated. Isabella and I have bonded and have great love for one another. She loves listening to our songs and being read to as well. Talk about animated! Blessings oxox

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