Close Your Eyes; Make a Wish!

When we married in Virginia this day many

moons ago, it was mild and overcast.  Intermittent

rain.  Several years later in another state, we have

snow.  How did the thirty-eight years pass so quickly?

Two wonderful angels later, we sit indoors and

reminisce and are astounded at how fast the years

flew by.  We saved a wishbone to make a wish.

growing up in a household with four girls, we

often fought over who could get the wishbone

when our mother had made a turkey.  Taking

turns did not come easily, but by the time the

wishbone had dried sufficiently, we forgot whose

turn was next.  Customs and traditions remain.

As one of our gifts, we received fresh fish from

the Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle.  Salmon,

oysters and halibut.  Red roses and card on the

dining room table, we will have a romantic

anniversary dinner for two and watch the snow

fall much like ivory snow. Fluffy flakes and birds at

the feeder.  Closed eyes now, we make a wish!

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13 Responses to Close Your Eyes; Make a Wish!

  1. Darlene says:

    Happy Anniversary!! It is 44 years for us today. We ordered a takeaway meal from our favourite restaurant and ate a candlelit meal at home. January 22 is a special day for both of us. xo

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    • Darlene, thank you for the informative comment! Happy Anniversary to you as well. Where did you marry? Takeaway from a favorite restaurant is always a favorite treat! It also so happened that our year featured the Super Bowl weekend if you celebrate such events. Who knew we would be blogger friends too! What do you plan to eat for your dinner? Enjoy your day and weekend! oxox

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      • Darlene says:

        We got married in York, England where my hubby is from. For dinner tonight I had salmon on a bed of spinach with a grapefruit compote and tiny new potatoes. It was so good. Hubby had the barbequed spareribs with a stuffed baked potato. We each had a cheesecake with our tea later. Yum! I prefer going out but all the restaurants are closed right now. Thankfully some do a takeaway. I hope you and your hubby had a great day as well. xo

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      • Darlene, how neat to find out that you love salmon too. In a little while we will have fresh oysters, salmon, broccoli, salad. Probably ice cream for dessert. I am a big fan of spinach. Your dinner sounds fabulous! Once per week we have salmon on Sat. after church. Congratulations once again! oxox

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  2. Arno Bode , Cologne ,Germany says:

    Liebe Mary Ann, lieber Russell , Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu euerem Zusammensein und zu euerem fantastischem Familienleben. Ich liebe Deine literarischen Schilderungen über deine faszinierende Familiengeschichte .Vor mehr als einem halben Jahr Hundert sind wir uns begegnet. Bis heute bewundere ich Dich und deine Familie. Möge Euch noch eine lange glückliche Zeit in Harmonie und Gesundheit beschieden sein. Dir ,liebe Mary Ann und Russell wünschen wir alles Liebe und Gute und Gottes Segen für Euere Zukunft. Alles Liebe ,Euere Lilly und Euer Arno

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    • Lieber Arno, liebe Lilly,
      zunächst einmal vielen Dank für diesen rührenden Kommentar von Euch. Wir sind wirklich gesegnet, in einer warmen, liebevollen familiären Umgebung zusammen gewesen zu sein. Wir freuen uns, wieder von Euch zu hören und hoffen, dass in dieser verrückten Welt von heute alles in Ordnung ist. Dir, Lieber Arno und liebe Lilly wünschen wir gute Gesundheit und Glück. Alles Gute,
      Eure Mary Ann, Euer Russell

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  3. The last picture says it all!

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  4. Happy Anniversary! Wishing you many, many more… 💞

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  5. Emily says:

    Happy Anniversary!! I love all the photos, absolutely beautiful! The birdhouse looks great as well. I hope you both enjoyed your special day! Love you xoxo

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