Problem-solving Outside the Box!


My parents asked me many questions as

a method of teaching me problem-solving.

I learned from my mistakes too.  Later in

4H projects, we kept records and answered


questions as a learning tool and more

problem-solving.  I don’t think we learned these

terms which sound cut and dry to many.  When

we had meetings in 4H, we learned to list possible


solutions. Then, we narrowed these down

methodically until we had the best decision.  Next,

we put the decision into actions in a planned,

deliberate way. Probably most of us learned


to problem-solve in a similar manner.  These

past few weeks, my husband and I have had

to employ these skills.  As a physician, my

husband’s Dad was excellent at diagnosing


what ailed his patients.  My husband learned

some of these skills too.  When we found water

in the basement, we started a mental list

of possibilities and things to be done.


Listing possible solutions helped me ask

the right questions to solve our issue.  Some

heated discussions. Wait!  Not a solution. We mulled

the same question about the source.  Had


the floor drain flushed. Water line to the street

cleared. Used a camera in the pipe.  No laundry!

Wait, what?  Water continued. In a specific area.

Spoke to friends and neighbors.  Kept sleuthing.


As luck would have it, a repairman across the street

agreed to look.  Using a flashlight, he determined

the issue:  our furnace! Took him just 5 minutes!

Wait! What? The condensation pump to remove


excess water was no longer working!  This problem meant

thinking outside the box.  Normally a plumber addressed

water issues.  It took a good problem-solver. Add this

to our toolbox.  Who knew?  Forever grateful.


Author’s Note:  a smile with our own blueberries and sea buck thorn berries.

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8 Responses to Problem-solving Outside the Box!

  1. Emily says:

    Hope all will be resolved!! Love the photos of course xoxo

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  2. Susan says:

    I saw ‘ 4H’ and had to stop and visit! Appreciate how you connected a part of your youth experience to resolving an adult problem. ( For me, it was woodworking and the adage ‘Measure twice, cut once’ that has saved many a home improvement projects)

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    • Susan, thank you so much for the delightful comment. The days of 4H were great. My Dad was especially appreciative of the muffins, breads and food preparation years. Sewing all sorts of garments too. I learned to read instructions carefully and follow them. When I didn’t was when I made mistakes. Nothing like a good night’s rest and fresh eyes to fix all the mistakes. My Dad delved in woodworking too. I treasure all the furniture and other items he made. Measurements are so important in many fields too. May you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your projects! ox

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  3. balroop2013 says:

    Problems sound easy when we have so many beauty around us! Love those flowers! Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing. 😊

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