Warmth Sequestered


Quivering, shivering branches and leaves

bend and sway in the cooler breezes.


Overcast, cloud-filled skies portend rain.

Apples and leaves fall down once again.


Upon us, the impending cyclical storms.

The season of cool nights. ‘Tis custom.


Squirrels bury acorns.  The lawn thickens now.

Kept at the ready is the snow plow.


Herbs, tomatoes, zinnias hanging on

All too soon, they will be gone.


Pay attention to nature’s omens:  plants, trees,

berry bushes, gardens will soon freeze.


Shorter days, cool the nights, dormant period.

The cycle complete.  Warmth sequestered.


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8 Responses to Warmth Sequestered

  1. Beautiful words and photos! I love this season, so I really enjoyed this post.

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  2. Emily says:

    Beautiful blog and photos! Xoxo

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  3. Lovely post and photos! Our last monarch sighted a week ago… Rain coming down and predicted to continue for most of the week. When the sunshine returns, we may yet spot a monarch or two. 💞 May your week be filled with wonders, Mary Ann! xo

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    • Bette, your sweet comment was wonderful. Thanks for taking time to read. We have similar weather predicted here. Now the leaves and apples will really come down. I had a bumble bee circling me telling me to stop cutting the zinnias I wanted to bring inside. So I left many a blossom and hightailed it away. Birds, bees and other critters. Yes, all the wonders for us! Enjoy the week ahead with indoor projects or a good book! oxox 💞💞

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