Dolce Autumn

Enjoy some Welsh-form of poetry. Happy September 2022!

Dr. Mary Ann Niemczura


What a warm, beautiful day!

Garden beckons me to play.

I peruse the interplay:

greens, pinks, whites, reds:  a bouquet:

colorful communiqué;

happy, joyful escapeway.

Birds singing, musical way.

Interplay garden, sun’s rays.

Today I tried my hand at a Welsh form of poetry called the cyrch a chwta (kirch-a-chóo-tah ) The basic guidelines consist of the following:

-octave or eight line stanzas

-seven syllables per line

-lines 1-6 and 8 share the same end rhyme

-line 7 cross rhymes with line 8 (internally) on either the third, fourth, or fifth syllable

Hint: picking a versatile end rhyme that can carry seven or eight lines is the key to this form.






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8 Responses to Dolce Autumn

  1. What an interesting form for a poem! You did an excellent job with it.

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  2. Delightful, Mary Ann… ❤ Happy September, my friend! xo

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