Scavenge and Forage


Every August the rabbits hop over at dusk

and make haste to seek apples under

our apple trees. They forage for remnants

the bushy tails randomly discard as they hurry off.


This year is no different.  Before mowing,

our task remains to pick up apple chunks.

Wait too long, and the yellow jackets

start to feast.  I know because one flew


and attacked my finger which pained

me all day.  Younger bushy tails often

overestimate just how much apple they

can hold in their teeth as they try to


climb up the nearest tree.  It remains

unclear why we find one bite and teeth

marks in apples on the ground.  Our mail

carrier picked up one such apple remarking


that I could throw it under the fir tree in

the backyard.  Good suggestion.  I walked over

and carefully placed it under the tree.  The

entire apple disappeared.  Oddly this year,


we have seen a fox in the daytime.

well as a chipmunk or two.  Residents who

live under the front step.   A woodchuck startled

me on the driveway although my husband


likes to claim it was a cat from the neighborhood.

A point of contention:  I know what I saw, and it

was not a cat. Funny how we all coexist:  nature’s

creatures and humans.  What a great world!


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23 Responses to Scavenge and Forage

  1. Peter Klopp says:

    Something new I learned today. Rabbits eat apples. Great photo essay, MaryAnne!

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    • Peter, thank you for the nice comment. The rabbits only sit right in front of the apple and chomp away. I have yet to see them try to pick them up and move them with their teeth as squirrels do. Glad you enjoyed the photos. It’s quite entertaining to watch all of nature’s creatures. Enjoy the weekend. “”__””

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  2. Like the critters, hubby and I are always foraging too… This year it’s Sumac berries! We’ll find out how they taste before too long. ❤ Have a great week keeping up with your critters and have a wonderful time at your Author Meet & Greet, Mary Ann! xo

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    • Bette, thanks for the informative comment. I didn’t know one could eat Sumac berries. Finally we have a few of our sea buck-thorn berries which are a tiny burst of lemon-like taste. Author Meet & Greet is always entertaining. Enjoy your Maine critters and berries. Have a grand weekend. oxox


  3. Eileen Clark says:

    Hi, sounds like a lot of fun going on in your yard.

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    • Eileen, yes it is a lot of fun for our critters but a mess for us. Thank you for the lovely comment. Do you also have nature’s creatures paying you a visit? Enjoy the weekend. oxox

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      • Eileen Clark says:

        Yes, deer in my back yard, I put corn cobs out for them. We have woods in the back of our home. I also have a squirrel feeder on a tree that I keep full all winter. Also Hummingbird feeders on my deck all summer. Can be quite costly at times but I started it. 🙂

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      • Haha. We have a bird feeder in winter. We think it is finally squirrel proof. Hummingbirds love to feast on our flowers. Costly indeed. Where is your neck of the woods? We had a guinea pig who would devour an entire corn cob with its outer layer on. Such a small think and such a voracious appetite when it came to corn on the cob.

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  4. cindy knoke says:

    Lovely flowers & post!

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  5. Eileen Clark says:

    I forgot to mention the rabbits every evening in my front yard even with the three cats we have.

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  6. Eileen Clark says:

    I live in the central part of Kentucky.

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  7. I’m glad you know what you saw. I often just guess when I don’t see the animal clearly.

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