Sea Buckthorn and Hagebutte


Taking our cue from a fellow traveler in Finland,

we tasted a shot of sea buckthorn juice.  First, the

waiter cautioned the juice might be tart or sour.

It was.  It was also delicious! We drank this


daily in Helsinki for breakfast.  It was love at first

taste.  My husband researched in garden catalogs

and discovered we might be able to grow them.

The berry holds high nutritional value too.


How to describe the taste?  Well, rather like

a lemon and a cross with orange.  After our return

from singing in Prague, we planted our first bushes.

After approximately three years of patient


waiting, we finally harvested these tiny

yellow-orange berries rich in vitamins and

antioxidants.  They are said to have 10 times

more vitamin C than oranges.  Who knew we


would soon have an international garden?  After

our first Fulbright Year, our daughter loved the

German word Hagebutte(rose hips) and its rich red tea.

We planted our first bush but discovered making


the tea was labor intensive.  Meanwhile, we enjoy

the fragrant white blossoms.  The tea flavor is

akin to tart lemon.  Wherever our travels take us,

we try local cuisines.  We attempt to replicate at home.


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