No Two Moments the Same!


As new parents, we were often told not to blink

because before you know it the kids are grown

and in college.  The more we blinked, the

more this became reality.  No two moments


are the same in the zinnia patch or in the

hibiscus bushes.  We were treated to a

monarch butterfly posing for the camera.

And if we blink more, the hovering


hummingbirds flit momentarily on

the blossoms.  Just as quickly, they

are off again.  What a nice treat of

good weather to observe the comings


and goings as we blink.  More rain and

thunderstorms in the next couple days

offered us rare low humidity and a gentle

breeze today.  So, we grab the camera

zinnia & butterfly photo

moments and enjoy some of Mother

Nature’s beauty today.  Tiny creatures

with tiny movements are a wonder to

behold.  I will not have to play the


game of trying to write and post during

a thunderstorm; hence, today’s early

post.  My advice:  seize the moment for

if you blink, it is gone all too soon.


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6 Responses to No Two Moments the Same!

  1. Thanks for the lovely photos and the reminder to treasure the moments… Have a blessed and beautiful day, Mary Ann! 💞 xo

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  2. Emily says:

    Beautiful post, photos and advice! Xoxo

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