Song of Flight

IMG_3664Sing a prayer
Sing a song
Song of love
Song of joy

Joy of flowers
Joy of birds
Birds flying
Birds feeding

Feeding their young
Feeding family
Family eating
Family traveling


Traveling abroad
Traveling home
Home and hearth
Home and happiness

Happiness again
Happiness with friends
Friends for coffee
Friends talking

Talking on the phone
Talking over coffee
Coffee and pastry
Coffee and tea

Tea for two
Tea with lemon
Lemon grove
Lemon tart

Tart and sweet
Tart with fruit
Fruit and yogurt
Fruit trees

Trees bring life
Trees house birds
Birds sing
Birds soar

Soar above
Soar in the wind
Wind blowing
Wind swaying

Swaying to music
Swaying back and forth
Forth now
Forth onward

Onward and upward
Onward flight
Flight above
Flight to clouds





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8 Responses to Song of Flight

    • Thanks for the support and comment, Bette. I was challenged to try a Blitz poem by a blogger friend in the UK back in March. There are “rules” including how to name the poem. It is an interesting type and actually easy once you try. Maybe you would like to give it a go? Enjoy the weekend. 🙂


  1. Arno Bode,cologne,Germany says:

    Liebe Mary Ann,
    Dein Bericht vermittelt Deine große Lebensfreude ,Deine Liebe zur Natur und die ausgewählten Fotos dokumemtieren Deine Familieverbundenheit.Man bekommt sofort den Wunsch,dies alles mit Dir zu teilen,da Herz und Seele spürbar mitschwingen.
    Weise Philosophen sagen,wer Wünsche und Ziele aktiv angeht,der bleibt im Geist ,Körper und Seele jung.
    Ich für meinen Teil bemühe mich diese Philosophie aktiv zu leben.Freue mich heute schön auf Deine nächsten Gedanken und Niederschriften.
    Alles Liebe und Gute
    Dein Arno

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    • Lieber Arno, your kind words overwhelm me. I am forever grateful to you for having understood my life’s philosophy. Your philosophy of life appears similar. Living in peace with others including love, patience and happiness has to reflect on the person who lives this way as well as to others who experience it. I appreciate your wonderful comment and wish you a happy week ahead. Peace to you and yours, Deine Mary Ann ^__^


  2. Annika Perry says:

    I’m singing and soaring!! 😀 Beautiful, hypnotic poem, Mary Ann – I love the format, it’s captivating and works so well. Clouds are just heavenly to watch and easy to lose oneself in them as they drift across the sky – I already feel that sense of freedom from your cloud photos.❤️

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    • I have made a mental note to take more photos of the sky. I love the clouds and figures I can conjure up. Do you ever do that too? Thank you for the insightful comment. I pulled out the format you suggested back in March – a blitz poem. I like the repetition too. This time the title was fine but following the rules sometimes makes for an odd title. Happy writing to you! 🙂

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  3. Lovely. I’d forgotten about napkin placemats. Thanks for the reminder.

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