Voice – my Instrument of Choice


My instrument of choice
is the voice.

So much to learn.
Open mouth, closed mouth.

Breathe, posture,
warm ups. Notes.

Who knew there was
so much to learn?

It is good for the aging
brain to remain active.

Learn something new.
I can read music.

High notes, low notes,
rests. Chest voice, head voice.

Listen to the masters.
Sing in Italian, Latin, French, German.

Practice. Correct mistakes.
Practice anew. Sing, sing, sing.

Lieder, arias, spirituals,
jazz, chansons, torch songs.

Sing, sing, sing.
Dream of music.

Sing in my sleep. My husband
hums in his sleep.

Sing a solo.   Sing in the choir.
Recital now.

Singing is fun. So much
yet to learn. Practice. Sing.

The voice is my
instrument of choice.


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12 Responses to Voice – my Instrument of Choice

  1. A lovely post, Mary Ann–a sensational song! 🙂

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  2. Emily says:

    Wonderful post and photos!! Beautiful.

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    • Why thank you for your kind words. My blogger friend from Maine suggested it would be a great song. Can you sing it? Any particular melody? Photos from our gardens. ^__^ Happy Memorial Day weekend! Much appreciated. 🙂


  3. Annika Perry says:

    A wonderful celebration of voice and singing, Mary Ann – I feel like breaking into a chorus! 😀😀 I love how you sing in your sleep…thank you for sharing your Song of Songs and beautiful photos.

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    • Thank you, Annika for the lovely comment. I don’t think I sing aloud in my sleep but wake up because I couldn’t remember the next phrase and notes of what I was trying to memorize. My husband actually hums in his sleep. It’s funny, but our brain at rest does interesting things. Bette Stevens, the Maine author, write that this is a sensational song. I tried to sing it but haven’t decided on a melody. Poetry is meant to be sung. We have a long weekend for Memorial Day on Monday which means that school will soon be over here in Upstate New York. Happy reading and writing to you, Annika. Enjoy your weekend. ^__^

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  4. I love that we-all have so many ways to communicate, song being one. Lovely poem.

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    • Very insightful comment and much appreciated. Song is a great method to communicate and one which I used in my classroom as a German teacher for almost fifty years. I think the songs of children are so much fun because they love gestures as well. 🙂


  5. bernard25 says:

    Bonsoir ou bonjour

    Tiens je pense à toi

    Aux gentils messages que tu m’apportes sur mon blog

    C’est comme un rayon de soleil

    Ceux-ci me mettent du bleu au cœur et celui-ci resplendit de joie

    Quel bonheur que tu me donnes

    Que de joie j’éprouve

    Je tiens à te remercier

    Belle journée ou belle soirée

    Bisous Bernard

    Un Peu De Tendresse

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    • Cher Bernard, vos aimables mots me font sourire en les considérant. Je fais de la poésie en regardant les arbres qui abritent les oiseaux. Leur douce chanson est mon inspiration pour permettre la formation de mots pour l’écriture. Bonne journée. Tout le mieux, Mary Ann


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