Wait! A Pile of Leaves?


Now with the robins gone from their nest, I

decided to investigate how it looked inside.

My goodness!  Filled with seed pods.  For

the winter I assume. What efficiency they


employed building the nest.  Bits and pieces

of found rests of plastic strips, crinkled and

colored paper.  A sight to behold.  My husband

had to stand on the step ladder to get the


desired shots since there remained odd

and sundry leaves on the branches.  What

a production and sight we made!  The birds

it seems are great at recycling what has


been discarded by humans.  As I went to

the mailbox earlier, I spied activity from

the “empty” nest.  Not so empty it seems.

Eyes watched me approaching with the


camera in hand.  Fur with stripes.  A tail

too.  Sunning in the nest!  Wait! That was

no bird! It was our resident chipmunk!

Napping in the sun on top of the seed pods.


Who knew chipmunks behaved thusly?

Trying to quietly capture the desired photos,

we backed away only to notice more stripes in the

corner of the stone step on top of a swirl of


leaves.  Our garden snake was sunning on

probably one of the last warm days of Fall.

For several days, the birds and squirrels have

bustled about preparing for winter.  They


don’t really seem bothered by us either.

The chipmunk practically runs over my

husband’s shoe as he sits on the front

porch.  Deftly climbs the branches too.


Ready or not, we reluctantly pulled out

warmer coats this week.  The afternoon

sun warms the spirit.  The colorful leaves

blanket the lawns.  Serene landscape.


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10 Responses to Wait! A Pile of Leaves?

  1. Delightful! 🍂 Live, laugh, love and learn… Thanks so much for another peek into natures’ wonders, Mary Ann! 🧡💛💚

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    • Bette, thank you for your insightful comment. So happy I brought some delight and laughter to you today. My husband is the biologist in the family and was astonished to see Mr. Chipmunk in an empty robin’s nest just enjoying the sunshine. You are most welcome, lovely lady. You never know what awaits if you just LOOK! Enjoy the weekend! oxox 🍂🍂🍂💛💛

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      • You’re so right! 💞 Enjoy your weekend too, my friend. Autumn here has been awesome… needed rain interspersed with sunshine and warmer-than-usual days. We have discovered many amazing bird nests over the years. Dan even discovered a mama mouse and her little ones in a storage cabinet in the barn this summer. We took a few photos before they disappeared. Dan would leave her a cracker each day and we named her CRACKER. Oh, the wonder of it all! xo

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      • Thank you so much. What a great blog post this mama mouse and her little ones would make. Birds are great natural engineers and builders with their amazing nests to delight us. Hard workers too. oxox

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  2. You are close to the creatures around you. Lovely shots!

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