Preparations Are Underway


Everywhere we look, there are preparations.

Trees, flowers, and shrubs have made way for

dormancy.  Leaves have fallen.  Bare branches.

Still some warm days to balance cooler nights.


Last week I observed a rotund squirrel with

a mouthful of large red apple.  Balanced on

outer branches and overestimating its

ability to the point of nearly falling.


Clever little fellow left the large fruit perched

on the outer limb.  At some point it was retrieved.

Glad for a warmer spell when I can leave the

jacket behind.  The young high school student


who has been mowing the lawn is now on

crutches, unable to mow.  Yet, we arrived home

yesterday to a mowed lawn.  Someone will

ring the doorbell to collect payment.  Baffled.


Our expectant daughter had a baby shower

recently.  Creative decorations were

evident in the photos she sent.  Grandchild

number one is a big event.  We await our


bundle of joy.  Preparations for the baby’s

room have been an ongoing project.  As it

nears completion, the baby will decide when

to make an appearance.  Keep preparing!


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14 Responses to Preparations Are Underway

  1. Darlene says:

    That Baby will be here soon. How exciting!!

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  2. This is an exciting time. God bless you, the new parents, and the precious baby.

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  3. Emily says:

    So soon! Time has gone fast, excited for the new chapter and little angel baby! Xoxo

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    • Emily, thank you for your lovely comment. New chapters of excitement and learning the meaning of losing sleep. Tempus fugit. Just don’t blink or the bundle of joy will be ready for school. Enjoy the weekend. oxox


  4. Exciting news! Blessings and love to all… ❤ xoxoxoxoxo

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  5. R Nemecek says:

    Very nice ode to the last wonderful days of autumn as we prepare for a special Christmas blessing.

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