A Fortuitous Chain of Events!


Who knew that our trusty old lawnmower

would bite the dust this past week? Who knew

that the mower would break down with only

half the lawn done?  Who knew that the man


with the three small rescue dogs would pass

by our house at that precise moment?  My husband

and I had just had a conversation about hiring a

service to mow our lawn.  Most of our neighbors


mow their own lawns.  But not all of them.  The

problem being, it was not the right day to

ask those neighbors whose lawns are mowed on

other days of the week.  But not all of them!


I asked the three-dog-man if he used a service.

Negative, but there was a service around the

corner who was finishing up.  As he drove by,

we flagged him down with our request.


We knew our mower was on its last legs so

to speak.  Last Fall the wheels had been repaired,

but my husband was told there was not much

life left in our trusty mower.  Enter a teacher


and a “teaching moment!”  After asking the

teacher who was mowing lawns in the summer

months if he had time to finish our lawn, it turns

out he had time for us.   Long story short, he

20210719_143653 - Copy

is a history teacher who just happened to have a

classroom next door to our neighbor, also a history

teacher at the same middle school.  He can assist us

through August only which is fine.  We’ll deal with


finding another service to pick up the slack.  With

many stores closed and parts difficult to come by,

it simply makes sense to have someone mow for

us. This was a fortuitous chain of events indeed!


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26 Responses to A Fortuitous Chain of Events!

  1. Emily says:

    Love the beautiful photos as usual! Xoxo

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  2. That’s marvelous that you have mowing solved for another month. Now I’ll go back and enjoy your beautiful photos. I couldn’t put the story down, you see.

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    • Anne, thank you. It was what we lived through, and how it unfolded was simply a miracle of events, a teaching lesson for my husband who fretted more about the immediate. I fretted about long term, and it fell into place. Much appreciated that you loved the photos too. Enjoy the weekend. Be well. oxox


  3. Great news, Mary Ann! How blessed we are in so many ways… Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the luxury of a freshly mowed lawn without the work this summer. Dan’s out mowing now, but he says he’ll only mow the fields once more this summer. ❤ xo

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    • Bette, thanks for your entertaining comment. May Dan have luck with that philosophy. Around here with all the rain, we have approached a tropical climate this summer. Your sense of humor is much appreciated! Enjoy the weekend. oxox

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    • We have fun here at our house. John claims he doesn’t worry, so I have to do it for both of us. It’s not a burden, because I’m really good at it.

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      • Anne, cool how that works with married couples. One worries, and one not. I would say we both worry about different matters. The little things for me. The big things for my husband. It seems to work just fine. Be well and enjoy your Sunday. oxox


      • John worries about the weather — whether it will be nice for gatherings at the train club. They ride outside on the trains, and rain can really need things up. I used to worry about major snow storms that would hit while I was at work. Would I leave at the right time to get home safely? Retirement solved my problems!

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      • Anne, so amusing! Your thoughts about weather mirror ours at times. Retirement really solves much of it. Who knew that there is a precise time of day with precise weather conditions to fly fish? Who wants to go out later in the day when one is tired? I hear the litany of excuses not to go. I used to post current weather conditions especially with snow in the forecast for our two children when they drove themselves to school. Sometimes I was the lucky one with a snow day when they were not. County government never shut down so my husband drove in it all. I believe the blizzard of 1993 shut them down for 3 days since snowplows could not get through to plow the streets. We had snow piled 9′ high at the end of our driveway! 9 FEET !


      • 9 FEET of snow!! We had mounds lining the driveway that were about five feet high. I miss shoveling snow, but we’re not moving back to NY. oxox

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      • Anne, I agree with loving four seasons, but I do not like shoveling snow. Most years, our snow totals are about 120-140″ and not all in one storm but over months. Sometimes, the neighborhood kids build snowmen. Do you have high humidity where you live? Have a good week. oxox


      • Occasionally we have very humid days here in the mountains, but it’s nothing like West Tennessee or Long Island. We didn’t get anywhere near the amount of snow you get. That’s why I enjoyed shoveling. oxox

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      • We’ll save some snow for you to shovel here, Anne. TN is pretty country too as is LI. oxox


      • We have lived in beautiful areas among marvelous people. How blessed we are!

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      • Indeed we have. How lucky and blessed. May beauty surround us all the days of our lives. oxox

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  4. Sally says:

    Those roses are exquisite! It’s never a sad day to have someone else mow your grass.

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    • Sally, love your comment on the roses. Much appreciated. Agree with mowing too. Let someone else do the work. Be well and enjoy the weekend. We enjoyed the collards from the garden last evening. oxox


  5. Mabel Kwong says:

    That is quite a coincidence that your lawn mower broke down as the man with the three small dogs passed by. It was very nice of the teacher to help you finish mowing your lawn. I remember when I was a kid my dad had this mower he used to mow the front and back lawn. It seemed quite a bit of effort, pushing the mower up and down and took quite a while to get all the grass cut. Hope you can get your mower sorted and get an upgrade.

    Lovely sunset in the last photo. Hope your summer is going well, Mary Ann 🙂

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    • Mabel, thank you for your thoughtful and caring comment about our lawn mower story. We still use the teacher through this month and then a new neighbor, 14 yrs., who needs some money to play ice hockey. That’s a win-win situation for us. We will hire someone from now on. It is time consuming, but the riding mower the teacher uses finishes the job in about 30 minutes with some help from another who trims around trees, garden beds and edges of the lawn. It’s a lovely “haircut” when it’s done. Our daughter captured that sunset. Lucky her. Summer is going well. Hope you have a great weekend. 🙂

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