Garden Happenings


There is a never-ending weed growth

in our gardens.  I wait until after one

of our heavy thunderstorms.  Grabbing

a fistful of the myriad weeds, I am


able to pull up roots and all.  No,

I don’t fool myself by thinking these

weeds will never return.  Mother

Nature keeps us busy instead.


Today my husband gave me one of

the first raspberries. Such a sweet flavor. 

Under the front step I spied familiar

markings of our resident garden snakes. 


Yes.  More than one now.  My biologist

husband took photos of a dragonfly which

literally landed right in front of him. A

common whitetail skimmer.


I admired it for the markings like

smiley faces on its wings.  My mind

conjures up a story of its journey, and

why here?  They like mosquitoes and flies.


My biology lesson over for the moment,

my attention was drawn to the new twins,

both girls.  Just over one year, they already

gaze at me as I speak to the babysitter.

20210502_110540 (2)

Good weather yields a neighborhood

teeming with walkers.  Young and

old and in between.  Conversations.

Smiles, laughter, and delightful interludes.


Our sea buckthorn bushes are growing by

leaps and bounds. Two years ago in Finland,

we drank tart sea buckthorn juice.  I learned

the berries are picked in the forests there. 


Naturally, I wondered why our bushes were

getting so tall.  My husband researched and

discovered there are male and female

varieties.  Both are required to get


the berries.  Who knew?  Shall we

order more?  Which ones do we

have?  Garden happenings are ripe

with intrigue and mystery it seems. 


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10 Responses to Garden Happenings

  1. Darlene says:

    Your garden is a haven for all creatures and vegetation to grow and survive. Well done.

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  2. Emily says:

    Beautiful post and photos! Love you xoxo

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  3. Oh for the love of gardens–weed, critters and all! ❤ We've gathered berries, greens and beans this week among the wonders! Have a great weekend, Mary Ann. xo

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  4. Mary, your garden is soulful and as they say, that the one who plants a garden, plants happiness. You have.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Nara x

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