An Invitation to Meander

198951051_349793623558401_1241845191393902485_n - Copy

Sometimes the imagination flows freely and

creativity flows easily.  Other times the writer’s

block tries to call a halt!  Those are the times

that Mother Nature is there in response.

20210524_144933 - Copy

Today I invite my readers to meander

through colorful gardens.  Skies.  Water.

Birds are practicing flying through the

yard from limb to limb, singing.  A new

20210525_183430-1 - Copy

family of wrens has hatched. In and out

activity to feed the young.  It is quite

enjoyable from my vantage point.  The

birdhouses in all of our trees are full.

20210604_145519 - Copy

When I gaze at a body of water, I feel an

immediate sense of calm and release of

troubles.   Walking unleashes ideas in

my mind.  Words.  Poetry.  Meanderings.


Time for a pause.  Time to recharge the

batteries.  Conversations with passing

neighbors.  A reality check.  Enjoy the

blossoms, the colors, the sunset.



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8 Responses to An Invitation to Meander

  1. Emily says:

    Love all the beautiful flowers and colors! Such a lovely time of year xoxo

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  2. Lovely… Thanks for the invite. ❤ Have a blessed and beautiful weekend, Mary Ann.

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  3. Your invitation to meander is beautiful. Gorgeous photos! I stopped to watch a heavy rain storm this afternoon. It was even laced with thunder, but we didn’t see any flashes of lightning.

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    • Anne, thank you for your nice comment. Glad you enjoyed your invitation to meander. Thunder but not lightning? Odd storm indeed. I believe we are slated for some of these rain storms too. Hope you also have lovely flowers to gaze at from time to time. Be well and safe. Enjoy the weekend. oxox

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