Chip Off the Old Block


Wife and four daughters.  Proud husband and father.

Eldest of six children after his dad died from a

felled tree.  Breadwinner at age 10.  Excelled in

sports:  boxing, football, basketball, baseball, glee club.


Football scholarship in college and semi-pro afterwards.

Education was number one for him as he helped his

brothers and sister in college.  Finished in three years

after attending summers too.  Applauded our piano


playing and 4-H achievements in addition to report

cards in school.  He continued to learn woodworking

at the local college in addition to his full-time job.

Loved his family with his whole heart and being.


Often, we heard the compliment that what we

had done indicated we were a “chip off the old

block.”  We knew we were loved and safe in his

arms.  He was pleased with us no matter what.


We learned to finish what we started and to work

hard to achieve our goals in life.  In reflection, I wonder

how our parents did all that they did given the Depression

and World War II.  Perseverance.  Hard work.  Achievements.


Loving, kind and gentle.  Words of encouragement and plenty

of hugs and laughter.  He encouraged us to travel and study

abroad.  He knew we would become more tolerant individuals.

Germany beckoned where I studied at the Uni in Heidelberg.


My Dad and Mom laid the groundwork for education, love

and setting good examples.  My husband and I followed in

their footsteps.  Family.  Love. Faith. Education. Travel.  What

happiness!  Happy Father’s Day, Dad.  And to my husband!


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10 Responses to Chip Off the Old Block

  1. Darlene says:

    Your father sounds like a gem. As was mine. Happy Father’s Day to your dad and husband.

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  2. Emily says:

    Happy Father’s Day to grandpa and to my wonderful father as well! Beautiful post xoxo

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  3. A beautiful tribute and a wonderful legacy, Mary Ann! Happy Father’s Day to all. ❤

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