The Language of Silence

Resigned and with a heavy heart, I sang
at Joe’s funeral today. Tears welled
up as the family placed hands
on his casket. I surrendered

to the moment, yet found courage.
My faith sustained me. At such
times, I realize I am there to serve
others. I can be a source of strength.

He was a young medical student whose
time on earth was cut short. A young
man of faith with a family of faith.
What will they do from here?

Focusing elsewhere I sang and prayed.
At such times, we need to reach out
and support one another. When will
the family find the energy of purpose again?

They will ask for eyes of faith.
Ask for peace and quiet. Hugs.
For now: silence. Prayers.
The language of silence.

They will support one another.
Serve one another. Pray together.
There is a reason we celebrated
Joe’s life. He has found the light.

What do they do from here?
Cry, pray, hug, breathe,
eat, work again. Play again.
Find the solace of silence.

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30 Responses to The Language of Silence

  1. Silence speaks volumes… Thanks for your softly spoken reminder, Mary Ann.

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  2. Please accept my condolences Mary Ann. This is a beautiful tribute to Joe.

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    • Brigid – Thank you and so kind of you. It was so draining to sing at the funeral for a young man now deceased. Making eye contact is too difficult when I sing at funerals but the sounds of crying and knowing the family made it difficult to concentrate. Your insightful comment is so very much appreciated. Peace.

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  3. Very moving and very beautiful.

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  4. Clare Pooley says:

    Commiserations, Mary Ann. I know how difficult is is to sing at a funeral.

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  5. Dr. Joe Morra says:

    Maryann thank you so much for the beautiful poem about our beloved Joey. People like you are making it so we can take our next breath during this suffocating, horrible time. I will print this poem and cherish it forever. God bless you my dear friend!

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    • Dr. Joe-your thoughtful comment is so very much appreciated by this poet. I realize now you called him Joey. I have printed a color copy of it for you for when I see you around church again. I had to heal after the funeral and immediately knew what I was going to do. So in my own healing process, I have helped you in yours. That is why we are on this earth, Joe. I plan to also bring a copy to Fr. Finnegan to read and re-read. I have been saying prayers for you and your family. If there is ever anything we can do to help you or your family, don’t hesitate to call on us. So breathe, rest, hug, walk, work again and know you are loved by all of us. My God bless and watch over you always, Mary Ann oxoxox

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  6. Tom says:

    A beautiful poem. Sadness, love, hope. The pictures of nature are soothing as well. Peace and love.

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    • Thank you for the insightful comment. It is much appreciated and means a lot to me and to others. I credit Emily with the sky photos which she took at the beach. They speak to me and seemed a perfect addition to such a sad topic. Peace and love to you as well. Thank you once again. oxox


  7. Annika Perry says:

    Mary Ann, you’ve written with warmth, love, and compassion on a difficult and personal issue. You honoured Joe and united mourned his passing. Your final words say it all: ‘Find the solace of silence.’ btw. I adore your wondrous images intermixed with your poem … uplifting, soothing.

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    • Annika, thank you once again for your lovely comment on a very difficult topic. Our daughter provided the lovely sky and water photos which seemed perfect to me for this. Nature heals and inspires. I often find solace in the silence at the lake or ocean or a walk in the woods. Alone time to meditate is important in life. It was so kind of you to comment. Thanks once again. ^__^

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      • Annika Perry says:

        Mary Ann, I can relate to the solace and healing power of nature … even as young I would head out on long walks/bike ride – never saw it as meditation then but realised I needed that time to myself, to make sense of the world and calm my mind. Your daughter is a natural with the camera … is this the one who is also a nurse? Take care, my friend. x

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      • Annika – I think meditation comes in many forms; some are silent thoughts as you do your activities. Some have sounds involved like in yoga. I just lost myself in thoughts when I was in nature and considered it a form of meditation. Yes, my nurse daughter is the one who does the photography usually just with her phone. She’s good and getting better. In photography, one has to have a good eye and be ready all the time for that perfect shot. As always, thank you for your lovely comment. oxox

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  8. I’m sorry for your loss Mary Ann, this is a beautifully touching tribute.

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  9. ilonapulianauskaite says:

    Good afternoon, as a photography and picture lover i can say nice picture, and well written poem🤗

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  10. I am so sorry for your loss, I was recently at a young mans funeral who was taken far to soon, the saddest one I ever attended, it affected very deeply for a long time. Nice to meet you and thank you for following my blog.

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    • Thank you for your lovely comment. I can understand when an old or older person dies. It is the young ones which are the most difficult to fathom. It indeed affects us for long afterwards. At this point, I can offer prayers and hugs.

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  11. bernard25 says:

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