It’s a bird; it’s a plane; it’s super…


Glue! Not Superman this time.
There was a television show when
reporter Clark Kent changed into his
Superman costume to come to
the rescue of others.

How did super glue get into
the washing machine amidst her
clothes and intimates? She was
still sleeping so I couldn’t inquire.
Tired from her return from Denmark.


I stood staring into the washing machine
and couldn’t fathom how this glue had
made it through a load of laundry,
soapy water and agitation. I stood
glued as visions of what might have

been if the glue had opened in the
washer, or better yet, the dryer.
Manufacturers must figure in the
odds of a tube opening when exposed to
soapy water and the machine’s motion.


Super glue? In her load of laundry?
Why had it even been in her suitcase?
Certainly it had not been on the suggested
list of items for the student trip.
Over and over I asked myself why.

What if the glue had been in the dryer?
Do manufacturers figure in
exposure to heat and motion
as the dryer drum rotates? There
I remained motionless and amazed


at the scenario in front of me. Now
awake, I bellowed to her from the
basement. Why is there super glue in
your laundry? Oh, I forgot I put it
in there. Why was it necessary to have it?

Oh, my belly button ring broke at
night in the hotel and hurt me so
I decided to fix it with super glue.
Where did you buy it? In Denmark.
How did you fix it? Holding the ring  in my

belly button, I tried to fix it with super glue.
I got some on my skin too. How did you remove
it? Oh, with nail polish remover.  The rest
came out gradually. Did
you realize that the glue could have

leaked into your suitcase? I know,
Mom. It was a pretty stupid thing
to do, but I needed it fixed. Why bother
wearing one in the first place?
These useless questions between

mother and daughter continued.
She was home safe and sound.
No harm done to the washer.
Unlike the suitcase on the
return trip from France,


which was held together
with mere staples.
I think Guardian Angels have
long hours of overtime work
with teens! I, too,  must have

had an Angel watching over me
yesterday when I found the bottle
of prescription medicine in the washer!
The label still on. The medicine dry.
I wonder how these things happen?

This time I have no one to blame
but myself. If only I could recall
how it came to be loaded into
the washer in the first place. I’ll
be vigilant once more until the next time!


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8 Responses to It’s a bird; it’s a plane; it’s super…

  1. Ugh! I wonder who put it there!

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    • Our daughter put the glue in the suitcase and laundry basket, and I put it in the washer. We were fortunate not to have it leak over everything. Life is always interesting at our end of the pond. How about you?


  2. Emily says:

    Hahaha nice post! I guess I was not the only one to put something in the washer! Glad it all worked out. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. bernard25 says:

    Bonjour ou Bonsoir jolie jeune fille MARYAN
    Si votre cœur est désemparé, une bonne nouvelle peut le ranimer
    Si vos yeux ont envie de pleurer, laissez-les allez sans retenue
    Les émotions ne se commandent pas
    Si vous riez et que la peine vous meurtrit
    Ne changez pas d’horizon
    La musique peut vous aider à garder la bonne humeur
    Si la passion n’est plus comme avant
    Lui l’amour est en vous et vos sentiments s’enflamment et feront plaisir aux autres

    Si vous n’êtes pas poète, ni écrivain , gardez une âme d’artiste
    Et faites valoir vos ressentis avec une pointe de fantaisie
    Si l’on ne vous découvre que des défauts c’est que vous n’avez pas changé

    Et que l’autre personne qui vous critique a surement autant de défauts que vous
    Si moi vous trouvez que je ne suis plus comme avant
    Je peux vous dire que je n’ai pas changé, je suis restée conforme à mes idées

    Mais je pense que le temps est compté et que les années s’effilent doucement

    Alors mieux vos encore en profiter

    Bisous bonne journée ou bonne soirée

    Votre ami BERNARD

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    • Cher Bernard,
      Votre commentaire est très apprécié une fois de plus. J’essaie de rester au chaud à l’intérieur de ma maison aujourd’hui comme un blizzard souffle à l’extérieur avec de la neige et du froid. Je lis, j’écris, je chante et je joue du piano à mon cœur puisque je ne travaille plus. J’espère que vous avez le printemps en France. Nous ne le ferons pas pendant plusieurs semaines. Telle est la vie dans l’État de New York.
      Merci pour vos commentaires adorables. Mary Ann


  4. Annika Perry says:

    What a unique reason for buying the superglue and having it in her suitcase!! I had to laugh…whilst squirming too and imagining the fingers becoming glued to the ring, to the skin. Glad it all worked out…the joys of family life! 😀 I’ve washed the oddest items over the years, a toy car made a huge racket, nails and a couple of fivers (which luckily survived).


    • Haha. Laundry mishaps are all too common. Coins make so much noise in the dryer. Paper bills are actually made of a cotton and linen combination in the US so they wash quite well. When it comes to family life, there’s never a dull moment in paradise. Thanks for your interesting comment today. 🙂

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