Forsooth, Still Winter!

Impatience surrounds us. For example, waiting for an elevator. There is always that person who, no matter if the button is lit up, will hit it again. Sometimes there are those who stare at the lit button and repeatedly hit it anyway as if to will the elevator there more quickly.  The saying “A watched pot never boils” comes to mind with elevators and the weather.

It seems that Mother Nature is playing games with the weather again. I thought I had waited patiently for the daffodils to appear, and when they finally did, we had snow which blanketed the earth. Rumors had it that more snow was on the way. Indeed, this morning I photographed the daffodils weighted down with snow and almost touching the ground. Weather jokes in our area abound and describe our weather seasons as: waiting for winter, winter, still winter and summer.

Our Seasons

Impatiently awaiting
yellow daffodils, I
finally found a few to
brighten my day.

Before snow returned
today and weighted the
blossoms of the flowers
causing them to lean.

The robins are here
so why not rain showers?
Our seasons seem to be:
waiting for winter, winter

still winter and summer.
A watched pot does
not boil. So I practice
patience while waiting.

Off and begone, cruel winter!



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28 Responses to Forsooth, Still Winter!

  1. Gama says:

    Well captured pics. turely said
    “A watched pot does
    not boil”.

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  2. It seems that spring is teasing certain areas. It will come 🙂

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  3. Tom says:

    Attempted delivery of Spring, April 2016, rebuffed.
    Next delivery attempt will be May 2016.
    ***END OF MESSAGE***

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    • What a clever comment you made, Tom. It took me several tries to understand why it was made this way. Was there a problem at my end, or WordPress or with your delivery method? I finally understand that you meant that Spring was delayed until probably May here in Upstate New York which is probably very true.
      What a sense of humor you have. What is your blog address? I would like to read more humor from you. Thanks for a clever and creative comment.


  4. In California, we have Summer, Hotter Summer, Drought, and Flood. Through it all, we wear shorts and flip-flops.

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  5. Ha! I used to wear “Birks” as you fondly call them. My boyfriend at the time told me if I ever wore them in his company, I would have to walk ten paces behind him. Some people just don’t appreciate the finer things in life.

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    • They come in so many colors and styles, it is sometimes easy to forget they are Birks. Patent leather, copper, gold, silver, red, blue, black and on and on it goes. They are indeed among the finer things of life. Ever since my student days in Heidelberg, my Birks have been with me. I purchased soft bed ones in Germany when I visited a couple years ago. Amazing and wonderful come to mind in addition to comfortable. My students wouldn’t have recognized me without my Birks. So do you have a favorite pair? Your go-to pair?


      • I had no idea they came in such a variety of colors! I haven’t worn them since, oh, the seventies. They were the plain old brown ones.

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      • Oh, they’re quite stylish and have moved into Nordstroms, Lord and Taylor and the like. I use black patent leather for funerals at church when I sing in the choir. And for summer, there are lightweight, colorful ones for the beach and outdoors.


  6. BunKaryudo says:

    Mother Nature likes to do things in her own time. Incidentally, I know someone who does precisely that hitting thing with already lit elevator buttons. I’m not saying who it is, merely that I’m married to her.

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