Changes in our lives can make us happy or sad.

Love change?  Despise change?  Indifferent to change?

It forever alters our lives for better or for worse. 

Do you flip flop on change?  Set in your ways?


Can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Fixed

In your ways?  Do you belong to the school

of thought that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?

Does change make you uncomfortable?


How about a change of pace?  A change

of scenery?  Or shall I simply change the

subject?  Do you see the writing on the wall?

Change can be difficult but is necessary.


This weekend I will observe people and

their comments as they change where to sit.

Chairs moved at church.  So?  Pianos, organ,

music books, microphones, and music stands.


All changed to the corner.  Acoustics?

Visual cues?  Sound system?  Changes.

Some folks are creatures of habit.  I recall

attending workshops which sometimes


lasted a couple days.  We always sat in

the same seat as if it belonged to us.

The jury is still out with seating arrangements

at church.  Time will tell. Positive, negative,


rigid or inflexible, the choir has a temporary place

as new carpets and chairs are installed.  A welcome

change of pace?  A breath of fresh air?  Will we grumble

or accept change gracefully?  Hmm.  Let’s see!



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28 Responses to Change

  1. Change is hard… But, we are all adjusting! ❤ Have a lovely weekend, Mary Ann. Expecting 3-6 inches of heavy, wet snow here. That's change for you…

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  2. I’ll be interested in how people react to the changes at church. Will everything eventually be put back where it was?

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    • Anne, thanks for your comment. I smiled at the complaining I shall hear tonight. The choir is displacing people who normally sit in that section. I am unsure how it will look when all is said and done. Naturally, everyone wants it put back where it was. Have a grand weekend. Are you singing too? oxox


      • No, I’m not singing these days. I’ve lost half my range, and I am brain dead in the evening when they used to have choir rehearsal. Once in a while I sit in the choir when they are desperately short of sopranos. I can sightread ordinary music easily (not extremely modern pieces that aren’t in one key).

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      • Anne, thanks for music update. I only asked since I knew you filled in recently. I doubt we will be up to our Chorale group with evening rehearsals. At least I can say I did. Tonight I have tickets to our local Symphony called Symphoria. Gospel music meets the symphony. It should be fun if the online link works. From the comfort of home. oxox


      • That’s a wonderful way to have music in the pandemic times.

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      • Via the internet leaves much to be desired. Fewer musicians and lots of plexiglass separating them. Acoustics were not great. I am just satisfied I supported our local symphony. I am convinced that Gospel music requires a large choir of many voices. While excellent singers, there were simply four, one for each part: SATB. Happy Sunday to you. oxox


      • I hope your Sunday had been sparkling. oxox

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      • A chilly sparkling Sunday indeed. Have a good week full of change. oxox


      • Oh yes! A week full of change!! Daughter Lise arrives tomorrow, staying here a month to get her COVID shots. She can’t get a shot in Denmark right now. We’re planning where she will sleep and which bathroom she will use. oxox

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      • Anne, thrilling news in your household for the next month. Bathroom space and time are important issues. I always wanted to install another full bathroom. We never got to it since my husband saw no need. During the teen years, he saw the need! I have some stories tucked away there too. Enjoy the visit! oxox


      • One of our biggest problems is noise. Some take exception to the playing of talk radio, and others dislike various kinds of music. Evidently, the TV ranks high in annoyance when someone is sleeping in the next room. Bathrooms are not a problem here. oxox

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      • Ah yes. The noise level can be very challenging. My husband objected to the radio when I was getting ready for work. And 2200 teens in grades 10-12 can be noisy. I used to tune it out as much as possible. TV too. The last visit, our daughter said it was nice not to be around people. I jokingly said that we were people. I understood. A nurse’s workday is also noisy and stressful. Best of luck with the visit. oxox


      • Thanks. If we all mind our manners, we’ll have a lovely visit.

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      • When folks are tired and hungry, tempers sometimes flare. It is then more difficult to mind your manners. Hope your visit is a pleasant one. Be well. oxox

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      • Lise’s flight was early! We had just gotten the slip for parking when she phoned, so we drove through the lot and weren’t charged for parking. She is taking the day off tomorrow, so we’ll have a relaxed day. oxox

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      • Great news. Is she working from home while she visits? After an international flight, it is very wise to take time off to get over jet lag. Be well. oxox


      • Lise had planned to take today off. After lunch she checked in at work and had to deal with something. Tomorrow she is to get the COVID vaccination and won’t work. Everyone has warned her to take it easy the day after the shot, so she will probably be eager to work next week. We are playing musical beds, because what we thought would be a good plan turned out not to be. We’ll test it out Saturday night.

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      • Anne, your comment is amusing. I recall musical beds during a visit we had a few years ago. Extra work and extra laundry. Yikes. Best of luck with the procedure. Be well. oxox

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      • Everybody pitches in. The miracle was David’s making his room very presentable in a short time after working a full day. He was happy to do it for his aunt. oxox

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      • Anne, hahaha. Loved the imagery in your comment. It’s interesting to see how our children clean their rooms. Or not. Enjoy the visit. oxox


      • The children I thought would be very neat did not turn out that way. The two who cook are John $ and Nathaniel, not the girls. oxox

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      • Anne, men make wonderful chefs and cooks. When I recall, our son selected recipes from the internet and asked to cook for us! He did a fine job. Our daughter was not that interested but has asked for recipes she likes and made them on her own. Crockpot beef stew is one of her favorites. You’re right that children do not always turn out the expected way. Enjoy the weekend. oxox


      • Hope your weekend is marvelous. oxox

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      • Thank you, Anne. The same for you as well. oxox

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