Have Suitcase; Will Travel

They pack me full and sit on me to close. Then
drive me to the airport and check me in. I am
stuffed with beautiful clothes and shoes. I started
my travels during my owner’s student days in Heidelberg.

The first ones could be locked with a key which
my owner kept securely along with passports. Oh
the places I traveled and things I saw! I was reliable
but sometimes arrived with dents and bruises.

In the early days, I made several overseas flights
unscathed. Newer, sleeker models arrived in
stores and soon I was retired and stored in the
basement. I had served my owners well. The

newer ones were fashioned out of colorful
fabric and were lighter to carry. Fancy sleek
wheels adorned us. We were not stuffed
as full; otherwise zippers broke and stitches came

loose. We had to remain unlocked or had
a special built in code. No lock and key. Airport
security scanned us. Sometimes we were searched.
Still, we traveled and saw many beautiful sights.

A few times, we were lost, but then reunited with our
grateful owner. Frequently we had to be replaced
after a zipper no longer functioned or stitches came
loose. Then new ones were purchased.


Before jets, we traveled in noisy turboprops. Oh, some of
the places we’ve seen: Iceland, Great Britain, Scotland, Wales,
Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein,
Monaco, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Spain, North

Africa, Gibraltar, Austria, Finland, Netherlands, Slovakia,
the Czech Republic, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Italy,
Switzerland, and more. Of course, Alaska, Hawaii and the
lower 48. Then came a time to retire most of us.

After all, our owners are older and more
tired now. This morning, my companions and I
gathered once more for a short reunion in
our basement quarters. Then the movers came

and removed us to a trailer for another trip.
We hope the new owners will take us places. Or
young children will fill us with toys and play
games of make believe. We served reliably and faithfully.

The time had come to downsize our quarters. Perhaps
road trips to visit family and friends now. After several
trips to colleges, we are content to remain dormant
until the fall wedding trip when we are packed again.

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16 Responses to Have Suitcase; Will Travel

  1. Peter Klopp says:

    This is a great idea to have your personal items take on the role of communicators, Mary Ann.

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  2. Linda Clarkson says:

    This is so good…I will lovingly care for my suitcases….they have feelings too.

    Thank you for sharing your talents with me.

    Take care, Linda


    Liked by 1 person

    • Linda, your insightful comment is much appreciated. Thank you. I chose a different perspective and thought of all the miles my
      companions had traveled before I parted company. I think of you often and look for you on Saturdays. Be safe and well, dear friend of mine. Enjoy the weekend. ^^__^^



  3. Happy travels, your luggage says.

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  4. Emily says:

    Great post and photos! Can’t wait to travel again soon!

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