Stroll Along my Musical Journey!


Singing in church choirs and private voice lessons
led me down the path to my latest musical
adventures: Syracuse Chorale and the Pops
Chorus. My musical tastes now satisfied,

I study and sing both classical and light Pops.
This year my goals were to advance my
adventures in music. Both groups have
aided in my musical growth.

This weekend, the Syracuse Chorale
will perform on Sunday with an orchestra.
Pieces in Latin, Polish and English. As
a lifelong learner, I met the challenge


of learning Polish to sing Gorecki’s
Marian Songs. Next weekend, it is
downtown and on stage with Symphoria
and the Pops Chorus. Learning to

sight-sing has now become less a
challenge, and I enjoy singing popular
Christmas songs with a twist in harmonies.
A new chapter awaits me this summer when I

join the Berkshire Choral International
for the first time, I am excited to sing
Haydn’s The Seasons in English.
In Baltimore, MD. A giant leap of faith.

Join us for our Chorale music
here in Upstate New York.
Music is food for the soul!
Enjoy the journey with us!

IMG_5262 (2)


24475021_10100192713672695_752453511_o (2)

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20 Responses to Stroll Along my Musical Journey!

  1. Arno Bode,Cologne,Germany says:

    Liebe Mary Ann,
    mit Bewunderung sehe ich wie Dich Dein musikalisches Gesangsengagement erfüllt.Es ist sehr schade,daß Du mit Deiner Darstellung nicht gleichzeitig eine akustische Hörprobe mitliefern kannst . Faszinierend ,daß Du im Bereich klassischer Musik so aktiv bist.Viel Spaß,viel Freude und viel Erfolg in diesem Metier für Deine Zukunft.
    Dir,liebe Mary Ann ,Russell und Deiner Familie wünschen wir eine segensreiche Weihnachtszeit,ein besinnliches Weihnachtsfest und zum Jahreswechsel alle guten Wünsche ,Glück und vor allen Dingen Gesundheit.
    Alles Liebe ,Dein Arno und Deine Lilly

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    • Lieber Arno, I sing mostly classical music except for the Pops Chorus which has lighter music sand well known Christmas Carols. I am afraid I can’t give you a sound bite since there are too many hurdles to get it accomplished and to share it online. We have period instruments on stage and had a dress rehearsal today. Wonderful sounds! We have some professors and students from Syracuse University performing with us tomorrow. We also send our very best wishes for Advent, Christmas and the New Year. May you and your family enjoy it very much. Liebe Grüße, Deine Mary Ann 🙂


  2. Looks like the Gendarmenmarkt in one of the photos, am I right?
    Happy singing! 😄🎶

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    • Correct. I flew to Berlin to receive an Idea Prize from the Koerber Stiftung. You have a sharp eye. I used to hold video conferences between my school and a school in Germany. My students were thus able to converse in German and practice speaking with native Germans and vice versa. It was the next best thing to being there in Germany! Thanks for the comment. Have a nice weekend.

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  3. Your musical adventures are wonderful. I was a music major and found singing so much more satisfying when my sight-reading skills improved.


  4. Annika Perry says:

    Mary Ann, Wow! A wonderful celebration of music and singing – your schedule fills me with awe. How did the concert go on Sunday? The cover/poster is stunning and enticing. Congratulations on the summer choir in Baltimore…it all sounds amazing and uplifting, albeit hard work. Enjoy my friend, and hope to hear you one day. xx

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    • Well, Annika, come on over to Baltimore and hear us June 16, I think. Sunday’s concert was marvelous. The Polish Marian Songs are seldom performed in the US. Difficult language, but I provided the group with spoken Polish by a local priest from Poland. That poster shows downtown Syracuse which at times can be quite lovely. I am so happy to be a part of the music scene and give back to the community and keep music alive here. Pops Chorus fills another part of me with lighter fare but not necessarily easier to learn. Hard work, yes. Fulfillment, yes. We shall have to find a mutual spot to converge musically one day. Have you seen the new music hall in Hamburg? Or perhaps Berlin or Vienna? I just have this feeling that we will meet one day. We have a similar background. I was last in Germany in 2014. And you? It is a winter wonderland outdoors. Schools are delayed while folks try to remove the snow.

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  5. What a wonderful experience. I would not be brave enough to sing in the native language although I used to be, as a child. OK, I’m already rethinking that fear. BTW, how’d it go?

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    • I assume you are addressing singing in Polish. That entire concert from Latin of Vivaldi’s Gloria, the Polish of Gorecki’s Marian Songs to the English of the Irish Christmas Blessing went very, very well. Marvelous music and wonderful experience. Tonight I am gearing up for the dress rehearsal of the Holiday Wonder concert with the Pops Chorus and Symphoria. Three concerts over two days then concentrate on two church choirs and Christmas music. I now have great admiration for all the musicians on stage everywhere. Hours of practice and rehearsals before the actual performances. Thanks for such a lovely comment, Jacqui. Christmas Peace to you.

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  6. Great! Thank you for sharing your passion. Its luck to have a chorus community like youhave.
    Best wishesto you and the whole family. Michael

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