Names Can Be Complicated

Mary & John Niemczura wedding 1941 gardenia corsage0001

My parents met and married in Boston, Massachusetts. My father had just graduated from Boston University, and my mother had finished nursing school and began working as a Registered Nurse. When they first met at a university dance, my father learned that my mother was from Monson which was not far from Palmer where he lived. He decided to ask my mother out on a date so he looked in the phone book.   But he looked up the wrong person.  He found a Marie Mooney living in Monson so he phoned and asked her out.  She knew my father because he had been a star football player in high school and had been in several newspaper articles.  My father was surprised and startled to see a complete stranger at the door.  I asked him what he did then.  He took Marie out to the movies.  The next day, he looked up Mary Mooney in the phone book and asked her out.  She was the right one, and the rest is history.  They dated and later married.  We’re glad he married the right one!  Names can be complicated sometimes.

It was complicated

They met in Boston
and quickly filled
their dance cards
for the evening.

Both learned they
lived in nearby towns.
Forgot her phone number
and looked her up.

He discovered he had
also forgotten her first name.
Marie or Mary Mooney?
Even though she was

a stranger to him, he took
Marie out. Phoned Mary next.
The right one.
Later married her.

Mom & Dad Niemczura CO 19860001



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10 Responses to Names Can Be Complicated

  1. Great story and photos, Mary Ann!

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  2. Annika Perry says:

    Mary Ann, I love the story of how your parents met…then almost didn’t meet again! Your poor father meeting a complete stranger for the first dathe; oh he must have been so smitten to try and call again – luckily this time the right Mary Mooney! Lovely photos and your parents are a striking beautiful couple! 😀❤️

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    • Thanks, Annika. I appreciate your insightful comment. I used to adore those photos of my parents. We didn’t have as many of them as they did of us. Now with iPhones and iPads, it is so easy and convenient to take photos. Smitten he was! 🙂

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  3. Great pictures & lovely story.


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  5. What a great story, Ann! I’m so glad your parents finally found each other again. And I love those old photographs! I could gaze at things like that for hours to detect every single detail. 😄 And I think it was very gentlemanlike that your father saw this wrong date through – I doubt nowadays young men would behave like that!

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    • Such a perceptive remark about my father seeing it through on the first date. You are probably correct that today’s young men might behave otherwise. The old photos tell so much and leave one to ponder the characters behind the images. Thanks.

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