The Importance of Friends

Lights on the Lake #4Holiday TraditionsLights on the LakeLights on LakeIt is at this time of year after Thanksgiving and before Christmas that we turn more to family and friends. We renew and form new traditions and rituals during this time. Students are home from college with new-found friends and visit old friends from high school and the neighborhood. We might renew acquaintances, take in a movie, go shopping, to lunch or coffee. People make more time for one another. The excitement of gift giving or enjoying Mother Nature’s offerings such as ice skating or snow shoeing are here for us to savor and enjoy. Scents of baking and cooking waft through the house. There is magic in the air when big snowflakes fly about and a drive through the Lights on the Lake at Onondaga Lake Park is a popular activity for young and old.

During the daily hustle and bustle of life, we often forget the importance of taking time to nourish our friendships. It is no different for me. I plan to visit with a friend who is back in the area to visit with her family. We will hug, smile and talk with one another. It will be a little differently than in the past since she now suffers from dementia. We may even sing a song or two for the season or a church hymn. She will know that I think and pray for her often in her new life’s chapter.

Although I have disdain for ice and snow, I do cherish a White Christmas and secretly hope we will have one this winter in Central New York. I secretly enjoy living in a place with four distinct seasons. Others are quite content with constant sun and warmth or a tropical clime. My heart is content with four changing seasons.

These days most of my shopping is done online or in the summer and fall since I choose to avoid crowds and malls this time of year. Giving time to others is probably one of the best presents I can offer this year. I will renew friendships and take time to stay in touch, and yes, send out a card or two including to my extended “family” and friends in Germany. A smile and a kind word to others are often the most important deeds of the day. As you take time for others this season, remember to also take time for yourself. Be gentle. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Peace to all.

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6 Responses to The Importance of Friends

  1. Tom says:

    “As you take time for others this season, remember to also take time for yourself. Be gentle. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Peace to all.” Yes indeed 🙂


  2. Lynne Kubik says:

    I love your blogs. Many times you provide an image of a memory for me of someone or something that I had not thought about in some time. Several years ago we were able to reconnect with a wonderful friend from Germany. We were so excited to be able to have a chat with them or to get a chance to see them. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as we’d thought it would be. Her husband had passed away and she was in a nursing home. We were very blessed to be able to go see her before she also passed away. And, at the same time, what a joy it brought to our sad hearts that after being there for about 15 minutes that she suddenly remembered us. She couldn’t speak any more but could understand and express with her face and nods when we spoke of the times we were neighbors. Her mother told us later that she would always cherish the smiles and excitement our friend showed when we came to visit. Friends are so precious and I think of them often and cherish the time we were able to spend with them. Merry Christmas to you and Thank You for your beautiful words and images that you provide to us.


    • How very nice of you to share your thoughts. I am glad you like my blogs. We are all in the Family of Man in this world. It is so good to connect with friends, even those who have gone before us. We have wonderful memories which no one can take away. I am glad that I make a difference. You are fortunate to have been with your friend who could no longer speak. Eyes and actions are means of communication too as you so aptly stated. God bless you and yours during this Christmas season and always. Happy reading!


  3. It’s not too late to take up accordion.

    Also, the rage nowadays is “melisma” – something most western teachers would have been horrified by, when you and I were growing up in the sixties.

    Here in India, I went to a religious festival and heard somebody playing the Nagaswaram live, for the first time since my second trip to Singapore back in the day. In Karnatic music there are eighty-four ways to construct a scale.

    It would have made piano practice a lot more interesting……

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    • Did you also play piano, Joe? And now accordion? I love that there are so many variations of constructing a scale. Creative minds and hands can weave all sorts of melodies and interpretations. Singers of blues use melisma. So are you more accustomed to Western music or Eastern? Are you going to try something new on the trumpet? I love some of the results of musical artists create when East meets West. Different countries, cultures, languages and music forms make life so interesting! Thanks for commenting. (posted by maryannniemczura)


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