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A Sumptuous Feast Awaits!

Costa Rica reveals itself as a tropical paradise! Breathtaking wonders leave me awestruck! A veritable feast awaits. Brilliant hues in the sky and on earth below. Ubiquitous flora and fauna, butterflies, Rainbows, streams and forests. An endless array of actors … Continue reading

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Life flows, cascades, and splashes, on. Roars, then slows and becomes quiet. Endless blue, cloudless skies, watch the waters below and quench our thirst. Above now, spindly swaying branches and leaves , fast-moving clouds emerge and portend an impending storm. … Continue reading

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It Seems Only Yesterday

Knowing more than one language is good for mental health. It is one of the side benefits that all language teachers are aware of. Both our spiritual and cultural well-being are affected. Being cognizant of other languages empowers us to … Continue reading

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