Over Lunch

There is nothing better than

meeting family and friends over

lunch where conversation

abounds. Shared love:

spoken and unspoken via

smiles, nods of understanding,

reminiscing past times

and memories. Stories told.

Names forgotten and remembered.

It is the same around the world.

People relish the joy and comfort

sharing a meal brings.

Photographs taken to recall

the moments shared together.

Can life get any better? This

is happiness and bliss personified.



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The Mystery Rider


Went to have the car serviced and
noticed this really cool motorcycle.
I thought “this is ME.” I should
test drive this beautiful machine!

20171020_095101_Burst01 - Copy300

As I sat on the big tricycle, I
thought I should buy it and take
some retirement trips to Long Island
and Colorado. What euphoria!

IMG_6803 (2)

Breaking forth for a brief
period of time, I relished the
moments of exhilaration and
freedom from being totally

out of character. Elated,
I phoned my husband about
buying this magical machine.
Oh, NO, he said. This is


what happens when you
have free time at the car
dealer and, instead of waiting
in their room, you climbed

on the motorcycle to give
it a spin! Hmm I thought:
I’ll just join a motorcycle
club instead. I can dream!


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He Loves Me; He Loves Me Not


Your inner strength and beauty

made me fall in love with you.

Understanding without words,

a hug, eager lips.


Stolen moments together,

no sense of time, we drank in

love. Those first minutes engraved

such sweet memories.

A love that’s lasted and grown.

How lucky we are! We found

forever abiding love.

Our lives entwined now.


How could I ever have found

a pearl of greater value?

My tall, dark handsome husband.

My one and only.


This week’s poem is called Dodoistu which is a Japanese form of poetry that is sometimes performed as a folk song. The Dodoistu  comes from the old agricultural roots of the Gombei, the people of Japan’s back-country.  The majority of Dodoistu poetry was handed down through oral tradition and was performed to the accompaniment of a three-stringed instrument known as a shamisen.

A lot of Dodoistu focuses on love, humor or the unexpected and sometimes includes a look at nature and beauty.

It has 26 syllables: 7 in the first, second and third lines, and 5 in the last line.  (7-7-7-5)



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Dolce Autumn


What a warm, beautiful day!

Garden beckons me to play.

I peruse the interplay:

greens, pinks, whites, reds:  a bouquet:

colorful communiqué;

happy, joyful escapeway.

Birds singing, musical way.

Interplay garden, sun’s rays.

Today I tried my hand at a Welsh form of poetry called the cyrch a chwta (kirch-a-chóo-tah ) The basic guidelines consist of the following:

-octave or eight line stanzas

-seven syllables per line

-lines 1-6 and 8 share the same end rhyme

-line 7 cross rhymes with line 8 (internally) on either the third, fourth, or fifth syllable

Hint: picking a versatile end rhyme that can carry seven or eight lines is the key to this form.







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Spending Hours at the Dentist’s Office


The Etheree is a little-know poetry format named after an Arkansas poet, Etheree Teylor Armstrong. It is a poem of ten lines, unrhymed and no meter. Syllables follow the pattern:
1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10. It can also be reversed which I have done with the topic of a visit to the dentist.


visit and
with numbed mouth was
difficult to rinse
tried but a dribble went
down my chin, over my clothes
face felt twice the normal size which
made eating, speaking, drinking awful
spent many moons sitting at the dentist


Reverse Etheree: (10/9/8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1)

Why? Cleaning, filling, polishing, x-rays
root canals, caps, implants, filling work
to preserve and keep teeth for a
lifetime of pearly white teeth
alternative is grim
losing all your teeth
chewing is hard
floss daily


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The Art of the Thank You Note


As young ladies, we learned proper
etiquette and to write a thank you note
when a relative or friend gave us
a gift. The initial thank you notes

were simple and brief. On hand I
keep beautiful boxes of thank
you notes from art museums
in a variety of colors and styles.


Thinking of the recipient is the
key. An assortment of beautiful
stamps from the post office is at
the ready too. The importance of

writing a thoughtful thank you note
in a timely fashion cannot be understated.
Writing the note by hand
personalizes and completes the task.

It is the mark of a classy person
and one with integrity.
Waiting weeks and months
is a huge faux pas.

We recently were invited to breakfast
with our former pastor who is the
master of the thank you note. It
is quite simply the right thing to do.


Imagine his joy when he opens four
thank you notes from us! Each one with a
different style of card and stamp. He
will cherish them as much as we do his

generosity. Chalk it up to the hectic
pace of life and technology? No.
Slow down. Write that thank you card
and smile at your good deed.


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A Chip Off The Old Block!

As the daughter of an engineer,
I learned early on that there was
always a better way to do things.

Take for example the handles on
pots and pans. Always turned in
on the stove top and never out.

bumping into the handle of a
hot pan might lead to an accident.
Safety first. Good thing or curse?

Words out of my mouth
sound like my father and
mother. My husband, bless

his heart, reminds me of
what my father said when
he visited us from Colorado.

Before he loaded the
dishwasher with dirty dishes,
he would ask my husband:

I suppose there is only one
way to do this? My husband’s
affirmative answer brought

chuckles and smiles. Added
to that my husband would remark:
she always rearranges how I do it.

“She” was standing there listening
to the banter adding, of course, there
is only one way to do this, Dad.

Your way! You drove our mother
crazy too. I watched my father
using an old credit card as

a pan scraper before washing it
for our mother. As he pronounced the
“best way” to wash pans, I smiled

and demonstrated Mary Ann’s way.
I had sprayed the pan with Pam spray
prior to cooking. He watched me

Niemczura family pueblo (2)600 (4)

in disbelief at the ease with which
I washed the pan using simply a
paper towel and swish of the hand.

The engineer in him advised
that he had taught us how
to think ahead. We were a

chip off the old block.
Of course he was right. He instructed
us with love. I wonder if I do


the same with my family? Their
lessons learned and passed on, I
await a better way from our children.

Actions have consequences. What
goes around, comes around. A chip
off the block and with a smile.

IMG_2058 (3)

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