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Come What May

Memories of our daughter’s poetry from elementary school.  Emily Catherine later went on to become an English major, an RN and a NP with her own infant daughter.  Enjoy her way with words and images portrayed.  Happy month of May! … Continue reading

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Nature’s Tempo – a Hemidemisemiquaver

For me, music terms express feelings about spring and nature’s growth.  The soft hues of greens, yellows, and pinks appear almost overnight.  Just a few days of warmth and bulbs spring forth from the ground and open. A suite has … Continue reading

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Light Entertainment

Heavy trucks rumbled through the neighborhood sending sound waves underground.  Lo and behold, an odd sight greeted me as I passed the rhododendron. Our eyes met!  The resident garden snake. Only the head and upper body protruded from the hole … Continue reading

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Backyard Diptych Mysteries

Mystery 1 A spry young squirrel clambered up the stairs to the neighbor’s deck. Try as I might, it scurried out of sight.  I wondered if it exited? Or did it find a hideout under the tarp covering the chairs? … Continue reading

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Autumn Magic

Nature beckons us to stroll by the lake. On one of the last warm days, we don walking shoes and wander about in the glorious Autumn foliage. The lake shimmers as the sun casts its rays. Dogs at the dog … Continue reading

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A Neighborhood Stroll

  Neighbors stroll by as they walk their dogs: all sizes, colors and shapes. Not as often we observe a cat on a leash. Sitting in his favorite front porch rocking chair, my husband muses that we have our own … Continue reading

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Grow, Little Tree!

On Trees and Life watch the storm watch the tree tree came down tree crashed crashed in the street crashed near car car parked parked near power lines lines came down lines in the street street poles down street poles … Continue reading

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Nature’s Entertainment

Living in suburbia with protected wetlands nearby provides a myriad of entertainment. Over the years we have had strange, unexpected encounters. The big fat frog in the flowerpot or little bunnies scampering hither and fro, eating us out of our … Continue reading

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Fast As Lightning

    Quick as a flash of lightning, I accepted a challenge by fellow blogger Annika Perry to try my hand at writing a fast-paced poem for this week’s blog.  It actually uses the German word blitz to describe the … Continue reading

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Wiser Today

  The Promise Why do stars in the night shine so bright? Why does the sun in the sky give us light? Why do the buds appear and push up in the snow? Well, I don’t know, but they are … Continue reading

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