Backyard Diptych Mysteries


Mystery 1


A spry young squirrel clambered up the stairs to the neighbor’s deck.

Try as I might, it scurried out of sight.  I wondered if it exited?

Or did it find a hideout under the tarp covering the chairs?

Such masters of disguise and camouflage!


Mystery 2


Who clutters the driveway with pieces of dried plants for nests?

Who turns on the motion sensor light after dark? Mr. Rabbit?

Mr. Skunk?  Spray your eau de perfume outside, please.

As a fledgling detective, I venture forth to sleuth.  No luck!


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6 Responses to Backyard Diptych Mysteries

  1. R N says:

    These are the best types of mysteries and from our furry and feathered friends!

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  2. Emily says:

    A well fed squirrel! Caught in the act ha ha! Nice post.

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