Challenging the Brain


Dubbed a philologist during one Fulbright

Year of teaching in Germany, the term stuck

with me. Learning foreign languages

fascinated me and was facile.  Words were fun.


One of our favorite family board games

became Scrabble.  It is a tradition when

we come together as a family to get out the

game after dinner.  Mainly we opt for English.


If you listen to most stories of childbirth, the

discussion most often centers on how long labor

was.  I wonder who else enjoyed a game of

Scrabble as we did?  I venture to say – few did.


Our firstborn became an attorney and loves

words and stumping us at every chance. We

phoned and sang our traditional birthday

song to him this morning for the occasion.


Soon we will come together to enjoy

challenging our brains with the game.

We love to leave past game scores in

the box along with the current weather.


To whet the game appetite, I even

acquired a Scrabble calendar with daily

tear off pages.  Chuckle all you like, but

we take this game seriously!  Who else


modifies  the rules to include the use

of dictionaries and devices?  This is our

great bonding experience as a family.

Happy Birthday, Tom.  Get ready! 


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18 Responses to Challenging the Brain

  1. Darlene says:

    Happy Birthday to your son. He looks so cute in his lederhosen. My mom and her aunt often played scrabble in their later years, and my 96-year-old great-aunt often won. It does help to keep the brain going.

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    • Darlene, thank you for your great comment. Impressive about your Great-Aunt who affirms lifelong learning and who also must have loved words and read many books. Crossword puzzles? I played Scrabble with my classes in both German and in French. Agree that it is good for the brain! Enjoy the weekend. oxox

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  2. Emily says:

    Get the dictionary and device ready!! I’ll have Isabella on my team ha ha! Looking forward to family time together!

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    • Emily, thank you for your lovely comment. Will get the items ready for what will be a formidable team! Quality family time is the greatest gift of all. Enjoy the weekend and stay warm with the wind chills! oxox


  3. R N says:

    No using the device!

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    • RN, thanks for the amusing comment. Unfortunately, some of the players have already requested said option. Perhaps a vote or a compromise? Enjoy the weekend and stay warm in the dangerous wind chills. oxox


  4. Your scrabble games sound like stimulated fun. I’m not good at the game, although I love crossword puzzles.

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    • Anne, thank you for your lovely comment. Sometimes we play in teams which is a great way to combine the talent. Or play a version which allows more tiles so that the game moves along. Crossword puzzles is great homework for Scrabble. It is the family bonding time which makes it a pleasure! Enjoy the weekend. oxox


  5. A beautiful birthday tribute, and wonderful family photos!

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  6. Mabel Kwong says:

    Wonderful photos of your family, Mary-Ann. I remember playing Scrabble when I was younger, and played it a lot at home. It was a good way of learning words growing up. I did use the dictionary to help me out sometimes, flipping through it to find a word that would work with my letters. The other day I rediscovered the Scrabble set I had all those years ago. I am keeping it. Hope you are doing well.

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    • Mabel, thank you for your thoughtful comment. Much appreciated. I too belong to the school of thought of allowing dictionary use during Scrabble. We can learn new words! Keep that Scrabble set for when a like-minded friend comes over. We upgraded to a deluxe set and love the ease of turning the board so that no one has to look upside down to form words. Hope you have a good week. ox


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